Unpacking our African identities.

"I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me." Kwame Nkrumah

Zazi is a podcast where co-hosts Christine, Patricia and Spha unpack the broad concept of being 'African' through stories, experiences, anecdotes, in-depth discussions and everything in between.

Join us twice a month for a fearless voyage into ourselves, with topics that uplift and celebrate our diversity.

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10 Episodes

Detty December: "21 Nights in Accra"

The final episode of Zazi’s first season takes the listeners to Accra (Ghana) to unpack the lifestyle associated with "Detty December” (Dirty December). Indeed, it has become a ritual for Africans in the UK/US diaspora to return to Accra and indulge in all the festivities Ghana has to offer during…
22 Dec 2023 51 min

Uzazi (Motherhood)

It takes a village... In this episode, Christine and Patricia discuss the complexities and challenges of motherhood, societal expectations placed on women to become mothers, generational differences in parenting approaches, the importance of support systems and 'villages' for raising children, evolving family dynamics and non-traditional approaches to childrearing across cultures,…
22 Dec 2023 59 min

"Under the Morula Tree"

Sustainably sourced Tea Topics and self-care solutions. Sipping some tea under the Morula Tree, scratching the surface of topical events like Tupac, Burna Boy, Beyonce and Blue Ivy, plus some self-care guidance from guest Tuduetso Tebape of Nubian Seed.
26 Oct 2023 54 min

Lugah Zetu (Our Languages)

The starting blocks of African Linguistic indigenisation - Abakhohlwanga Taking steps towards embracing our Mother Tongues with Gomolemo Monye from SP Language Academy. Clarifying the where, how, and why of learning our African languages. Music credits: Sibusile Xaba - Abakhohlwanga // Ngiwu Shwabada (2020) Opening lyric translation from isiZulu to…
26 Oct 2023 1 hour

Road Trippin'

Hop on board the @Popi_Sibiya Express! Drink from the well of fearless vlogger Popi Sibiya as she chronicles her explorations up the West Coast of Africa with Zazi. Road trippin' from the Capital of South Africa, with Ghana as her ultimate destination, listeners get to experience Namibia all the way…
20 Sep 2023 46 min

Hello Spring!

An effervescent overview of events across Africa this spring. Spring is the season of Na Enjoyment in the southern hemisphere and the hosts of Zazi are dishing out where on the continent you can get your fix of the fun over this season and beyond.
20 Sep 2023 32 min

C'est la Fête de la Musique!

The soundtrack to our lives. In acknowledgement of World Music Day (June 21), the hosts dive more into their shared passion - music. Covering an assortment of perspectives from earliest music memories, melodies vs lyrics, anthems, rumba music, and international idols Tupac and Beyonce. Get in touch with us on…
9 Jul 2023 56 min

Let's go to Congo!

A phonic voyage. To commemorate DR Congo's Independence Day, Patricia guides listeners through Congo, unpacking its history, Patrice Lumumba, the notable Mobutu, the "Rumble in the Jungle" and more.
9 Jul 2023 52 min

I am an African?!

Africa Day musings. Recorded during Africa month, Christine and Patricia discuss the meaning of Africa Day, the perceived role of the African Union, and what being African means to them. They also discuss African artists and share music recommendations. Follow us on Instagram for more information: @Zazi_thepodcast
9 Jul 2023 34 min

Welcome to Zazi!

In this episode, co-hosts Christine Msibi and Patricia Yumba M. invite the listeners to join them on a journey to unpack our African identities and our stories. They discuss the meaning of "Zazi", how the podcast idea came about, the type of content and topics you can expect, and a…
9 Jul 2023 23 min