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Being You with Lisa Raleigh and Stafford Masie

Demystifying YOUR wellness.

Your definitive guide to cutting through the clutter of health, fitness, & wellness jargon. Co-hosts Lisa & Stafford (who are married) bring an engaging, informal touch to essential topics, transforming complex concepts into easily digestible, actionable knowledge. Our purpose? To empower you with the understanding you need to enhance your life. We bring to the table expert guests from diverse fields, each contributing their unique insights, helping you make sense of trending health narratives. Each episode will equip you with practical nuggets of wisdom, ready to be woven into your daily routines. Embark on this WHOLENESS journey with us, where learning becomes an inspiring, life-changing experience.

Lisa Raleigh is a health & wellness expert, author of several books, and has established one of the largest Fitness/Wholeness brands in South Africa. Her business combines bounti (rebounding equipment, workouts & digital services), Body Kind (premium athleisure), and Lr (dietetics, DNA, nutrition, & supplements) into an all-encompassing personal transformation platform. She has over 20 years of experience helping individuals live their best lives and also expands this service into enterprises to personify and implement impactful and sustainable wellness strategies.

Stafford Masie is just some geek asking dumb questions :)

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The best exercise modality invented by mankind. Ever since we launched our podcast, there's been one burning question on everyone's mind: 'When will you dive into the world of rebounding?' Well, the wait is over! In this much-anticipated episode, we're tackling the big, bouncy elephant in the room. Join us…
10 Nov 1 hr 59 min

Fear and Anxiety | Naomi Holdt

Today, Lisa, Staf & their first guest share stories & tools for handling fear Naomi Holdt (Educational Psychologist, Blogger, & Author) Naomi Holdt is introduced as the FIRST EVER guest on the podcast. She joins the conversation as we discuss this underlying challenge we all face; FEAR! Lisa unveils some…
3 Oct 2 hr 10 min

Common Exercise Myths Debunked

Body composition, metabolism, through to the heart muscle - myths unpacked A jam-fact-filled episode with Lisa using the time to do an in-depth share of her (surprising) personal insights and views on common exercise & weight loss myths; *How do I get abs? *Is the heart a muscle? *Why should…
28 Aug 2 hr 13 min

Cultivating JOY!

Lisa here; I chose "JOY" as the first topic for this first season (Demystifying Wellness) of our podcast because I fundamentally believe it is the substrate to every wellness, fitness, or health transformation journey... in fact, it's the foundation for a life of WHOLENESS! Without joy, your overcoming, mastering of…
31 Jul 2 hr 12 min

Introducing Stafford & Lisa

Join Lisa and Stafford in the inaugural episode of "Being You; Demystifying Wellness" as they embark on a heartfelt mission to help listeners lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. This husband-and-wife duo, uniquely blending their personal and professional experiences, are set to unravel the tangled world of health, fitness, and wellness…
9 Jul 1 hr 36 min