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Welcome to FNB Growth at Home, your go-to source for inspiring stories of Namibian entrepreneurs who are making waves in the business world. Join us as we delve into the entrepreneurial spirit of Namibia, uncovering the journeys of passionate individuals who are driving economic growth right at home.

In each episode, we sit down with dynamic Namibian business owners to explore their ventures in-depth. We'll learn about the products and services they offer, gaining valuable insights into the innovation and creativity that fuel their enterprises. From tech startups and artisanal crafters to service providers and restaurateurs, we showcase the rich tapestry of businesses thriving in Namibia.

But it's not all smooth sailing in the entrepreneurial world. We also discuss the challenges these entrepreneurs face. From navigating the intricacies of market competition and regulatory hurdles to overcoming financial obstacles and adapting to changing consumer preferences, our guests share their real-life experiences and strategies for resilience.

Join us as we uncover the highlights of their entrepreneurial careers. Hear about their proudest moments, the lessons they've learned along the way, and the impact they're making on their communities and the Namibian economy. These stories of success, determination, and passion will leave you inspired and motivated to pursue your own dreams.
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7 Episodes

Episode 7: Click Marius Greef

Click was born to give businesses an easy, affordable way to run their IT systems in the cloud We are here to help people easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures while we take the pain out of IT and allow you to focus on your core…
3 Nov 10 min

Episode 6: JT Photography Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson is family, maternity and registered birth photographer. Let Janice capture your most intimate moment - your babies birth! Janice is a licensed Birth photographer South African Birth Photographers Association for more info - Birth photography is like hitting the pause button on the incredible journey of bringing…
26 Oct 8 min

Episode 5: Ilotu Cosmetics Lilly Masule

Ilotu manufactures organic & natural healthcare products for persons with various health ailments; sensitive skin and hair. Considering that Namibia has an extreme harsh climate with very few cosmetic products to accommodate one's skin, our DIY remedies consisting of naturally sourced ingredients with medicinal properties, such as emollient based goods…
5 Oct 13 min

Episode 4 Cheeky Swimwear and Merch Li Roussouw

From the Skies to the Beaches Meet Li and Belinda, two airline pilots who soared through the skies until fate had a different plan. Retrenched from their aviation careers, they decided to take destiny into their own hands! Introducing "Cheeky Swimwear and Merch" - a brand born from resilience, dreams,…
28 Sep 10 min

Episode 3: Green Team Consultants Sakaria H Nalusha (Pr. Geologist)

A registered member of Global Water Partnership through Namibia Water Partnership (NWP) No. INST013, since its establishment, Green Team Consultants (GTC) believes in continual changes in diverse spheres in order to stop marking time, move forward and adopt global best practices in water engineering, sustainable water treatment, urban & rural…
21 Sep 15 min

Episode 1: Namibian Traders Hetty Nelumbu

It is Season 3 Episode 1: In this episode of FNB's Growth at Home, we delve into the captivating story of Hetty Nelumbu, the visionary founder behind Namibian Traders. Her journey from personal health transformation to becoming a thriving entrepreneur is a testament to the power of determination, creativity, and…
11 Sep 14 min