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Born and Bred with Tshepi

The families we grew up in make up the framework of who we show up as in the world, certain dysfunctions from our families will manifest in our adult behaviours in many ways.

The good news is that we can recreate our programming when we break down the shame attached to our stories and begin the work that will arm us with tools that can heal us. But first things first we must tell our stories to identify where we've been hurt.

Welcome to Born and Bred - I hope you stay!
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3 Episodes

S02E03 Childhood Memories and Grief with Busang Ramoloko

In this episode, you will get to hear from my cousin Busang Ramoloko. We spoke about our childhood, our parents (of course) and grief. I enjoyed this chat because Busang and I are the first two people in our family to attend therapy and this is amazing because we are…
7 Mar 37 min

S02E02 Conscious Parenting with Thabiso Radebe

This week I am sharing a conversation I had with Thabiso Radebe, who is a conscious parenting coach. She broke down what connection-based parenting style is all about and the fact that it is impossible to show up for your children when you are not showing up for yourself. Follow…
27 Feb 42 min

S02E01 Intergenerational trauma | Coping mechanisms | Being resilient

Born and Bred Podcast is back with season two! This podcast is all about building a community of people who are brave enough to identify parts of themselves that are hurt and need healing. In this episode, I had such a meaningful conversation with Vuyolwethu Tuluma, an East London-based Clinical…
19 Feb 38 min