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Asking For A Friend

Podcast · Catriona Boffard
Ever had a question you felt too embarrassed to ask, and instead asked that question “for a friend”? Hosted by Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist Catriona Boffard, Asking for a Friend brings you fascinating and interesting conversations about sex, intimacy, relationships, and mental and physical health. In each episode, Catriona will…
11 Aug 2022 48 episodes English Sexuality · Relationships

Being Me

Podcast · East Coast Radio - Catch Up
#BeingMe is a podcast series which features the true life story of a gay man's road to accepting who he really is. Listen here to walk this journey with this man. #BeingMe
14 Sep 2018 11AM 13 episodes English Explicit Sexuality · Personal Journals

Drum | Sex Podcast

Podcast · Media24
Get ready to get candid! DRUM online is excited to introduce our brand spanking new sex podcast hosted by our podcast editor. The modern-day woman is not afraid to ask the important questions – they are seeking expert guidance and girl-talk on all the raunchy bits that may still seem…
16 Dec 2022 19 episodes English Sexuality · Relationships

FAQ with Sis B

Series · UJFM 95.4
Catch Sexual Empowerment Couch, Sis B as she answers your Frequently Asked Questions on sex and love. This is a fun and informative platform that students to end the stigma towards sexual health, and to get relevant information that can help with Mjolo. In preparation for World AIDS, and December…
25 Nov 2022 3 episodes English Read by Sis B Sexuality · Sexuality

Gender Sensitivity in the Workplace

Podcast · VOW FM 88.1
The Wits GEO has collaborated with VOW FM in producing a Podcast series that's looking at Gender Sensitivity in the Workplace. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the employment equity act (EEA) and the labour relations act (LRA) all prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender, sex and…
0 episodes English Sexuality · Relationships


Podcast · Afrikaans.Radio
Kopkouers is binnekort beskikbaar op Afrikaans.Radio
0 episodes Afrikaans Explicit Society & Culture · Sexuality

Last Call George Manyosi Stand In

Podcast · Kaya 959
Last Call is a show centered around the female listener and her experiences. Both Thomas & Skhumba provide a space for the ladies to breath out their concerns, experiences and joys with music as the sounding board for their thoughts. It is a playful & engaging space which celebrates the…
23 May 2023 6PM 137 episodes English Sexuality

Open Wide Say Ah

Podcast · All Ears FM
Open Wide Say Ah is a new, fun, queer podcast all about everything sex and sexual. Hosted by Loren Loubser aka Lekker Lollas: a sex educator, online sex worker & facilitator. This podcast opens up every conversation we are missing in mainstream media. Conversations we are too shy to bring…
11 Jan 2022 16 episodes English Education · Sexuality

Radio Health Talk

Podcast · Soul City Institute
In partnership with the National Department of Health, we are reaching communities across the country, informing them about various health issues, as well as raising awareness for the social well-being of all.
12 Apr 10 episodes English Health & Fitness · Sexuality

Sex and Everything in between

Podcast · TimesLIVE Podcasts
"From gender to gerontophilia and even toys to toxicity, Sex and Everything In Between is a podcast that gets under everyone's sheets, pants and preferences. As more conversations around sex seem to overwhelm people in a world that is too woke or too digital to keep up with, the SAEIB…
30 Nov 2023 2 episodes English Explicit Sexuality · Relationships


Podcast · The Real Network
Healing, learning and exploring the spectrum of human sexuality. Jonti Searll has been practicing and teaching in the healing world for over 25 years. He has always been drawn to the connection between the mind body, heart and spirit. Tamar brings a wonderful sense of humour and lightness to the…
14 Nov 2019 228 episodes English Explicit Sexuality · Health & Fitness

Straight Up Candid with CLG

Podcast · Radio Life & Style
"Straight Up Candid" is a safe & spicy space where your host CLG (Carla Louise Gailey) gets down and talks dirty about all things candid: from sex, love, cringe stories, self-help tools, dating advice, to dysfunctions - unpacking all kinds taboo topics and uncomfortable conversations (with extra spice and all…
11 Apr 2022 5 episodes English Sexuality · Alternative Health

The Tuks FM Sex Show

Podcast · Tuks FM 107.2
Age Restriction: 18 (SVNL) A talk-show about sex, airing on Tuks FM 107.2 every Wednesday from 22:00. Follow @tuksfm_thesexshow on Instagram. Tuks FM 107.2 has signed a Code of Conduct that is enforced by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission Of South Africa. In terms of the Code, we are obliged to…
31 May 23 episodes English Explicit Education · Sexuality

Umjolo and Sex

Podcast · SNL24
Umjolo & Sex is weekly podcast where desires run wild, and fantasies ignite. Join Lerato Sejake as she delves into the tantalising world of human intimacy, exploring untold tales of passion, pleasure, and everything in between. From sultry confessions to expert insights, this podcast leaves no taboo unturned.
9 Nov 2023 10 episodes English Sexuality · Self-Improvement

Umjolo and Sex Podcast

Podcast · Daily Sun
Get under the covers with Mlungisi Mpela and Gomie Seabi as they host their weekly show about the two things you can never know too much about - Love and Sex. They are joined by expert psychologist Dr Anele Siswana and other guests.
16 Feb 2023 105 episodes English Sexuality · Self-Improvement


Podcast · East Coast Radio - Catch Up
Unscripted, unedited and up close. Welcome to Unshaken, an exclusive and uncensored round-table podcast featuring East Coast Radio's Carol Ofori, Keri Miller, Stacey Norman and Minnie Ntuli. They share their thoughts and beliefs around sexuality, body image, feminism, marriage, money - and everything in-between.
27 Aug 2021 12AM 6 episodes English Explicit Relationships · Sexuality

‘Rejuvenation Week’ with Contour MED

Podcast · OFM
It’s Women’s Month and Mid-Morning Magic is looking into rejuvenation with the help of Contour MED – your aesthetic and beauty care practice in Bloemfontein. We find out about various laser treatments, Botox versus fillers, threading, and so much more! Tune in for ‘Rejuvenation Week’ with Contour MED from 15…
19 Aug 2022 5 episodes English Health & Fitness · Sexuality