The Courage to Choose

You have the option to choose your own Journey.

Zanele gets to share her thoughts on choices and options along life's journey, bouncing through it all...

BOUNCE was inspired by people I have come across who are trying to follow their passions, navigate this life, whilst accumulating knowledge, expertise and hopefully wisdom along the way. I know that often we are led to think of our lives in a linear path. From university and then from role to role, up the ladder, hopefully to the highest point. But, perhaps we have options to do things that suit us, differently at different times.

If you had to hand your life over to the Universe, surely just like everything in nature, it would not be square or round. It would take all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes. The world has a need for all of us, in our different callings, beliefs, talents and abilities. It is up to you to place yourself in the space that is you at this moment in time... Z