The Big Small Business Show - Importing products under your label

If you’re thinking of importing products with your label on it, you need to remember that you may need to order big quantities. Do you have warehouse facilities to store stock? Bonani Baloyi, MD of MPE Fire Services, steps into conversation with Allon Raiz.
29 Jul 2022 English South Africa Business

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The Big Small Business Show - Exiting employees

If you want to exit employees, you need a good reason under law. You can’t dismiss employees just because you don’t like them or they irritate you. Heinrich Marx, SME HR Specialist, discusses some legal reasons, for example damage to property or breaking company rules.
20 Jan 6 min

The Big Small Business Show - Performance management strategies

It’s very important to have a performance management strategy around your sales team. In the words of Allon Raiz: "Performance management is a requirement for growth.” It’s advisable to set targets for your teams and let sales and marketing teams report to you as HOD, even though you’re the MD…
20 Jan 6 min

The Big Small Business Show - Closing sales deals

Gary Roux Junior joined his father in their family business called Aerial and Satellite City (AS City) as the MD, and his challenge is that it seems as if only himself and his father can close deals. He steps into conversation with Allon Raiz, CEO: Raizcorp on how to overcome…
20 Jan 11 min

The Big Small Business Show - “Loving the hunt” - sales ratios

Allon Raiz believes that entrepreneurs should gamify their sales ratios - set your ratios and start playing a game with yourself. How long did it take the last time to get to the right person? How much effort the last time? How much research the last time? To get tips…
10 Nov 2022 3 min

The Big Small Business Show - Job description for 1st HR employee

What do you look for when you want to hire your first HR person? Step one is this person’s job description. What do you want Human Resources to do? Once you’re clear and you start searching for this person, it may unfortunately be a bit of trial and error until…
10 Nov 2022 11 min