NSK recalls an epic battle between Stanley Mareka vs Rusher!
13 Sep 2022 English Namibia News · Music

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#FreshBreakfast discusses the Black Africa mess

NSK & Shai_Quan took it upon themselves to try and make sense of the mess at Black Africa FC that's playing out in full public view with the assistance of football pundit, Isack Hamata.
27 Nov 9 min

"Benefit" nominated for Song of the YEAR!

One of Shai_Quan’s favorite songs from this year…"Benefit" by Page featuring The Champions League Djs secured a nomination in the Fresh Fm Song of the Year contest and the team had a chat with Page about his nomination.
27 Nov 8 min

NSK drops verdict on Restoration Concert

NSK spilled all the tea from the weekend's activities as he co-hosted the Project Never Walk Alone sanctioned "Restoration Concert" alongside Ndilimeke that featured continental worship superstars, Joyous Celebration.
27 Nov 4 min

Fresh Spotlight: Flava Flame

Nesley Taylor, affectionately known as Flava Flame took some time out to chat to NSK & Shai_Quan about the good old days and what his life looks like today.
24 Nov 23 min

Battle of the Sexes brought to by Bela

Battle of the Sexes is probably the most dramatic game show on Namibian radio. This is the bit where we have both genders on air with the aim to see which knows more about the other. So we will ask the gents questions about the ladies and ladies…we will ask…
24 Nov 10 min