Impact Series | Wi-Fi 7 and the future of wireless networking

The constraints on the global and local supply of critical components, compounded by numerous logistics issues, has made 2022 a challenging one for the ICT industry.
Although industry players have made every effort to deliver, when there are no parts there really are no parts!
TechCentral’s Impact Series jumped into conversation with Riaan Graham, sales director of sub-Saharan Africa at Ruckus Networks, and Eugene Botes, product manager at Pinnacle Datanet, for a frank discussion about where the industry’s going headed into 2023.
The good news, Graham and Botes say, is that we are likely to leapfrog certain technologies as an unintended consequence of the supply constraints and that 2023 will be a better year for us all. Not sunshine and roses, but better. Production has realigned with demand; the backlogs in supply chains have eased; and balance is being restored.
An example of an unintended consequence is that companies that had been planning the shift to Wi-Fi 6 may be lucky they had to sit it out. Wi-Fi 6 and 6E (also known as the wireless standard 802.11ax) promised big improvements in wireless Internet speeds. But Wi-Fi 7 is already around the corner, says Graham, promising even more: greater efficiencies in network delivery and wireless transmission, and a greater ability to augment AI and robotic digitisation initiatives. Find out more about Ruckus Networks’ solutions here.
Complemented by numerous peripheral services and efficiencies, such as cloud-managed services and the ability to support the increasing risk of network users wanting to bring their own devices (BYOD) onto enterprise networks safely, Ruckus will specify, develop and deliver Wi-Fi 7 solutions.
Botes emphasises the importance of planning now and applying a well-scoped logic to what ultimately is a unique set of product offerings that Ruckus can provide. Learn more about Pinnacle Datanet and the solutions offered by both Rucks and Datanet in this episode of Impact Series.
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