Lindy takes Ilyaas to his first day of school

Lindy got to experience her very first school run. Her own child isn't old enough for school yet, but she did get to accompany little Ilyaas to his very first day of grade one. She was greeted with excitement, nerves, warm breakfast, school uniforms, and of course those oversized school bags.
18 Jan 2AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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A new name for Spray and Cook

Lindy felt inspired to add to the English language with a much more descriptive name for something she uses every day. Warnings would have been helpful though. 
16 Mar 8AM 2 min

What deserves a better name?

It turns out that there are lots of things that our listeners feel are badly named. Just a warning - we can't always control moments when Lindy gets a bit unhinged.
16 Mar 8AM 2 min

Bobby give Gen Z lingo a bash

Did you know that a native English speaking person has learned about 20 000 words by the age of 20? With language constantly evolving there are new words being added to our lexicon all the time. Bobby found himself trying to interpret Gen Z lingo. Do you know what he's…
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A.I. and job security in the tech sector

There's a lot of uncertainty around job security in the tech sector with the emergence of artificial intelligence. Bobby takes a closer look in his iSmile Report.
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The great dishwasher debate

Occasionally we catch wind of domestic disputes in our listeners' homes and we try to solve them. The Smile Breakfast Courtoom has tackled issues before - the granadilla gate scandal of 2020; the kitchen wars of 2022, and now the great dishwasher debate of 2023.
15 Mar 5AM 3 min