Shandor and Sam step on the scale

Shandor and Sam, got on the scale to see who had lost the most weight so far. The weigh-in was carried out by Hein Griessel of Contourmed. The team members were excited to step on the scale and find out how much progress they had made in their weight loss journey. Shandor and Sam are both determined to win the competition and are motivated to continue their healthy eating and exercise habits.
25 Jan 9AM English South Africa Entertainment News · Music Interviews

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Shandor en Sam word gewax

Na 'n gesprek met Dr Annemarie Wentzel van die NWU oor of vrouens meer pyn as mans kan hanteer, het Shandor en Sam van die Good Morning Breakfast onderneem om gewax te word en te kyk hoeveel pyn hulle kan vat.
16 Mar 2AM 3 min

Kan vrouens meer pyn as mans vat?

Die Good Morning Breakfast-span gesels met Doktor Annemarie Wentzel van die NWU om uit te vind of vrouens meer pyn as mans kan hanteer. Dr Wentzel is 'n senior lektor en navorser in Fisiologie. Sy fokus daarop om die fisiologiese meganismes wat tydens akute en chroniese kardiometaboliese, hidrodinamiese en sielkundige…
16 Mar 2AM 3 min