Africa - the ties that bind us

African culture is vast, vibrant and colourful. Africans are known for their warmth, vibrant culture, traditions, religions, food, art, dance, and music among many things. While it has been decades since African countries gained their independence from colonial rule and oppression, the legacies of colonisation continue to permeate society through different institutions and economic structures, which have had a major role in the unprogressive and unproductive ways and forms of being African people have taken up.
In this conversation, we speak to Thebe Ikalafeng about the ties that continue to bind us as Africans and the ways in which we can be more deliberate in uniting the continent and its people, reimagining solutions that steer us into collective action, rebuilding an Africa alive with possibilities for all who live on it.
9 Mar English South Africa Society & Culture

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