What would Shai do?

"Hi Shai_Quan

I have been listening to this segment for a while now and I have been skeptical about reaching out but I think I need some advise from you today.

I am dating a cheater. Point blank. That's just the truth. I have been with this man for a few years now but he is always chasing ladies on social media and at his work place. He has even had some complaints against him at work from the ladies but he doesn't stop.
He cheated on me the one time and got someone pregnant but the lady lost the pregnancy. Also, every time that I am intimate with him...I always feel as if i have an infection. The reality is, i am scared of going for a test.

I am thinking of taking PREP. How do I get it? How effective is it? I love him but I am now worried about my health as at this point. Not to mention that we live together but he is hardly home.

Shai_Quan...what would you have done?
24 Mar English Namibia News · Music

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What would Shai do?

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