Fresh Diaspora: Germany

Fresh Diaspora is that bit where we check in with Namibians in the diaspora. Today we are in Germany with Gabriel.
29 Mar English Namibia News · Music

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Luis Munana: EXCLUSIVE

Luis Munana took some time out to address literally EVERYTHING with NSK & Shai_Quan from Bonang, family, surrogacy and so much more.
7 Jun 1 hr 09 min

Fresh from the office: Jenneth

Fresh From the office is that bit where we check in with you while you are at the office listening to Fresh Fm. For this episode, we feature Jenneth who co-owns Jelly's Kitchen.
7 Jun 9 min

Heineken Predict the Score: Episode 1

Heineken brings you the Predict the Champions League Final Score and WIN! In this episode NSK "lol's" at the mere thought that Inter Milan will do something...anything to Manchester City.
7 Jun 3 min

Shaka iLembe: Episode 4

NSK & Shai_Quan talk all things Shaka iLembe! Luis Munana as a special guest on the show revealed that he is a big fan of the production!
7 Jun 2 min


Titus Shivute, Supervisor: Marketing and Donor Relations for the Namibia Blood Transfusion services challenged NSK & Shai_Quan to donate blood on World Blood Donor Day. The answer is simple... BRING IT ON!!!
6 Jun 10 min