From doctor to patient

Dr Langa Mbhele tells us how his breast cancer was caught early due to his wife pushing him to see a doctor, and how he felt to be the patient.
30 May English South Africa Health & Fitness

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Swimming in my sixties

Shaunize Lundall has been in remission for almost 15 years and at the age of 62 she is learning how to swim. She shares why she decided to do this and how it has impacted her life.
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Can prior radiation cause breast cancer?

Dr Mia Hugo answers this complex question; ultimately there is a minute chance, however, it's far outweighed by the risk of cancer you are currently facing. Dr Mia Hugo works in private practice as a radiation oncologist. She participates in weekly multi-disciplinary oncology team meetings for breast, urology, gastrointestinal, gynaecological,…
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Hair loss during cancer treatment

Dr Rakesh Newaj educates us on hair loss during cancer treatment and offers ways to prevent it, as well as hair growth options after treatment. Dr Rakesh Newaj is a specialist dermatologist with a special interest in skin surgeries. Since qualifying in 2010, he practices in Waterkloof, Benoni, Kempton Park,…
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Cold caps saved 90% of my hair

Lebré Neetling details the excellent results she got by using cold caps during chemotherapy to prevent hair loss.
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Gut health, a key to wellness

Melody Fourie educates us on how the right foods can improve gut health which, in turn, is a key to wellness. Melody Fourie is an AADP board-certified holistic health practitioner and transformational nutritionist. She holds a BSc in Holistic Nutrition and Botanical Medicine, a Master of Natural Medicine, and a…
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