World blood donor day: Episode 2

With World Blood Donor Day scheduled for June 14th, NSK & Shai_Quan talks to Camila Mbaendavi who shares her story of being a benefactor of blood donations.
8 Jun English Namibia News · Music

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Fresh Spotlight: Ndawana Haitembu

The spotlight was on professional sprinter Ndawana Haitembu, who shared some of her big dreams and aspirations with NSK & Shai_Quan.
29 Sep 28 min

Battle of the Sexes is proudly brought to by Bela

Battle of the Sexes is probably the most dramatic game show on Namibian radio. With this gameshow, we have both genders on air with the aim to see which knows more about the other. So we ask the gents questions about the ladies and ladies…we ask questions about the gents!…
29 Sep 13 min

NSK highlights his latest movie!

Breakfast show co-host, NSK who is also an award winning actor chats to Leon Mubiana who director the latest movie he stars in, "SNARE".
28 Sep 6 min

NAMBTS: Episode 5

Once a month, the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia team joins NSK and Shai_Quan in studio to convers about the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia. Today’s episode features Supervisor: Marketing and Donor Relations Mr. Titus Shivute and Frieda Vatileni, a Marketing Officer with NAMBTS.
28 Sep 8 min