The Jos Hogan Experience | Jocelyn Hogan Wilson

Jos and I spend the best part of an hour happily exploring the woman, the wine, and the succes of both.
26 Jun 2023 English South Africa Leisure · Food

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Toasting barrels | Clive Hlabathi

6 years ago Clive started his wine PR/sales/distribution business in Gauteng. We track the trajectory of both his business and the boutique wineries who have travelled the road together with him
3 Jul 1 hr 02 min

I wanna age like you age | Christo Le Riche

No botox and no collagen fillers in sight, and the 2001 Le Riche Reserve Cabernet looking and drinking like the bright, beautiful, clear, pretty thing it is! Christo and I chat about one of the country's premium wines - what a rock star!
14 May 56 min

Jeff Grier's Pithos | Jeff Grier

Peeling the pith off to find a delightful Pithos beneath. Jeff Grier and I chat about the release of his beautiful 40th anniversary bubbly.
10 May 35 min

Harvest Horribilis produces grapes of hope | Emile Joubert

Emile and Carrie discuss their love for wine and their drinking habits. They also talk about managing wine cellars and the art and craft of alcohol. The conversation then shifts to the 2024 harvest and the effects of weather on the grapes. They discuss the lower yields and the impact…
28 Mar 45 min