Voice Of Change - Francois Griebenow from Oasis Internationational

20.07.2023 - On Voice of Change this week, Lauren is joined by Francois Griebenow from Oasis Internationational to discuss the hidden Bible famine on the continent of Africa, and how this is impacting the lives of Christians on our home continent. Also on the show Nonikiwe Mashologu from the Otto Foundation, shares about Otto's work of placing libraries in schools and the latest one being installed at the Good Hope Seminary High School, a school planted by Rev. Andrew Murray 150 years ago.
20 Jul 2023 English South Africa Christianity

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Voice of Change - Tracy Balzer - Truth behind Celtic Christianity

15.02.2024 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Tracy Balzer, whose passion for Celtic Christianity and the rich past of the Celtic believers, has led her to take group trips to the Island of Iona in Scotland. On the show, Tracy uncovers the truth behind Celtic…
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