Space junk, giant claws and dark skies

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28 Jul 2023 English United Kingdom Science

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Challenger, and Space Barbie

Was the Space Shuttle fundamentally flawed? Richard Hollingham talks to Adam Higginbotham, author of a new book on the Space Shuttle to discuss the design, the dream, and the wishful thinking that led to the Challenger and Columbia disasters. Sue Nelson visits London's Design Museum to visit a new Barbie…
10 Jul 51 min

Victor Glover, Starliner and Blue Origin

NASA astronaut and pilot of the Artemis II mission to the Moon, Victor Glover, joins Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham to discuss the first Starliner launch, SpaceX, Artemis, Orion, NASA's mojo and his upcoming mission around the Moon. Plus space investor Mason Angel, crew of the recent Blue…
31 May 49 min

EarthCARE, Starliner and NASA's George Abbey

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham discuss the upcoming ESA EarthCARE mission with scientist Robin Hogan, the status of the BepiColombo mission to Mercury which will arrive at its destination next year and an exclusive as yet unheard interview with NASA legend George Abbey, who died recently, where he…
28 Apr 45 min

Intuitive Machines and a nuclear reactor for the Moon

Chief Scientist for Intuitive Machines, Ben Bussey, joins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham to talk through IM-1, the first US soft landing on the Moon since 1972. They discuss the landing, the broken legs, experiments and whether the IM control room is really based on Star Trek. Sue also travels…
29 Mar 50 min

America's return to the Moon and UK lunar ambitions

After the first soft Moon landing from the US in over 50 years, Ken Kremer shares his excitement for Intuitive Machine's Odysseus lander, NASA's ongoing lunar ambitions, and his concerns over China stealing a lunar edge. Also UK Space Agency Head of Space Exploration, Libby Jackson on Artemis 2 and…
27 Feb 53 min