Danny Guselli gives away his first winner in Every Caller Wins

Danny is standing in for Vic Naidoo is celebrating Every Caller Wins moment with her first caller.
9 Oct 2023 English South Africa Entertainment News · Society & Culture

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Over the past year, East Coast Radio has unveiled striking murals across three locations in KwaZulu-Natal. These murals are not just artworks; they are vibrant symbols of community pride and unity. Don't miss the excitement of the upcoming mural reveal event this weekend. We're thrilled to share where this burst…
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The last time you went to the cinema | Deon G

Remember those epic pre-pandemic movie nights? Apparently, things have gotten a bit more lit... expensive, that is. Ster-Kinekor and Nu-Metro, the cinema kings of SA, have jacked up their prices. We're talking double, even triple what they were charging back in 2014! Some folks blame the pandemic for this box…
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Jaw-dropping R11 000 quick quiz! Did Pearl win it?

R11 000 is up for grabs in Darren Maule's Quick Quiz. Mike V is in the host seat this week and has first time contestant, Pearl on this show. In a twisted turn of events, Pearl has the chance to win this money. Did she do it? Take a listen…
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Mike V makes local runner pinky promise to attend The Big Walk

Mike V is on a mission to get you to the Suncoast East Coast Radio Big Walk on 26 May 2024. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet then this is your sign. Shaina-Rae is a local runner and East Coast Coast Radio presenter who has pledged to Mike V…
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