#035 The magic of an in-furrow starter | Rupert Vermaas

Are you familiar with the in-furrow starter application? Also known as a “pop-up” fertiliser, this agricultural strategy enables easier administration and placement of nutrients near the sprouting seed, encouraging plant growth.

In this episode, Rupert Vermaas, technical adviser at AECI Plant Health, looks into the importance and benefits of an in-furrow starter.

Explaining what exactly is referred to as an in-furrow starter application, Vermaas explains that it has been quite a debatable topic for the last few years now.

First, for a grower to apply a product in-furrow, there must be an in-furrow applicator around the grower’s planter. “Most of the new-age planters have options for in-furrow applicators that can be fitted onto planters,” he says.

Vermaas also shares that in-furrow applications are becoming more relevant in the modern agricultural way of thinking.

Benefits and application
Products can be applied in-furrow in row crops for various reasons and in the episode, Vermaas breaks these down. Apart from stimulating plant growth, it also stimulates soil biology and specific micro-organisms. There are other benefits, which are also explored.

In addition, he also shares details about the active ingredients found in in-furrow products, whether in-furrow products can replace fertilisers, how to best determine the kind of in-furrow products needed on your farm, and more.

In this episode, Vermaas also discusses:
> Best uses for in-furrow products
> The importance of applying products with a specific goal in mind and more
8 Jan English South Africa Business · Education

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