The ‘Mo-Money’ Episode

This week, buckle up for a high-octane episode of South Africa’s No.1 Motoring Podcast - Wandi and Ane are here to shake things up with the ‘Mo Money’ episode, revealing that shockingly, only 25% of new cars are under R500K! Plus, they’re showcasing the first Mazda to hit the R1 million milestone in our This Week In Cars segment. But there’s more under the hood... dive into the latest 2023 AutoTrader Car Industry Report insights with Wandi in the Numbers Game segment. And, as the electric vehicle buzz faces a slowdown, the team explores what’s next for EVs globally. Got a knack for writing and love for cars? AutoTrader is looking for a copywriter. Don’t miss your shot – apply today!
18 Mar English South Africa Automotive · Technology

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The ‘Four-pot Performers’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast, Chad and Ryno chat about new four-pot performers such as the Toyota Hilux GR-Sport III, as well as the Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance. Ryno shares some information about the exciting new models he saw at the Nampo Harvest Day exhibition. And…
27 May 34 min

The ‘Fuel Sippers’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast, Ryno, Taye, and Ané are figuring out how to sip fuel in this week’s “Fuel Sippers” episode. Ané walks us through the new Kia Picanto after its recent launch. Why does the new Honda CR-V cost up to a million Rand? Last…
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The ‘Changing Tides’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast, Taye and Sean discuss Suzuki’s meteoric rise in the local sales charts, the end of the hot hatch as we know it, how Chad hustled an AMG up the Simola Hill Climb, the Isuzu D-Max AT35, and what Chery has in store…
13 May 26 min

The ‘Hot Vans’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No. 1 Motoring Podcast, Taye and Lawrence are delving into the obscure world of vans and station wagons. The gents will discuss the importance of bike rider wear, what’s happening at Simola Hillclimb, and what’s expected. Lastly, they will address an #AskAutoTrader question.
6 May 23 min

The ‘Ford VS South Africa’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast, Wandi and Ryno discuss Ford’s longstanding presence in South Africa. They also delve into the 60th anniversary of the Ford Mustang and explore some of the new pony cars headed to local shores. The gents engage in a game of “ARE YOU…
29 Apr 26 min