Bye Bye BBL

23.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Jack get into SA voter demographics and party funding, changing standards of beauty, and Tesla’s money woes… which leads to some old car nostalgia. Plus, the ‘hottest’ travel destinations this year on The Window Seat.
23 Apr 2AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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Three Apples

27.05.24 Pt 2 - Gareth and George get into some amusing AI search errors, and the perils of micro-plastics. Murray Legg joins the team to discuss the three apples that changed the world.
27 May 2AM 56 min

Emphasis on Solutions

27.05.24 Pt 1 - Gareth has an idea on how to make the best SA government, guest co-host George Mienie adds some useful input on the Grand Prix… and Dr Hanan shares some valuable advice about attitude and life.
27 May 2AM 58 min

Bad Times create Strong Men

24.05.24 Pt 2 - What won’t we be able to afford in the next 5 years? Simphiwe has given up on reality TV. And Q Dube joins the team for a chat about comedy.
24 May 2AM 57 min

Champagne Taste with Beer Money

24.05.24 Pt 1 - Simphiwe tells us why DJ Zinhle is in hot water. Plus… a toddler artist, saints and miracles, famous Australians, and some sport with Ben.
24 May 2AM 58 min

Fibs and Fabrications

22.05.24 Pt 2 - There are already concerns about government looting the NHI, a Japanese town has had enough of tourists… and Jonathan Ancer joins to discuss some of the 50 lies that made South Africa.
22 May 3AM 52 min