The Best in Tech: Ep 3 - 'The ThinkPad at 25'

In this episode, Regardt chats to Thibault Dousson, GM of Lenovo South Africa, about technology, the PC landscape in South Africa and the rich 25-year history of the ThinkPad, a brand it acquired in 2004 when it bought IBM's PC business.

Since then, Lenovo has had to endure several market challenges, including the rise of Apple’s iPad devices and the impact this had on the notebook business.

With clever innovation, such as the company’s Yoga range of notebooks -- which fold into a tablet -- and high-end performers such as the X1 Carbon range, Lenovo has manged to keep its tech relevant to casual and business users. As Dousson points out in the interview, Lenovo is also still a major player in corporate environments and server rooms, too.

We also discuss Dousson’s approach to new technology and what he thinks about a digitally connected world. The answer might surprise you.