Oneplan Health Insurance (The Gareth Cliff Show)

What is the difference between Health Insurance and Medical Aid. Health Insurance – which is what Oneplan" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">Oneplan Health Insurance offers - refers to the supply of a lump sum that covers hospital care due to accident, emergency or operation, as well as claim money paid out for GP and dentist visits, and other medical needs, based on the chosen plan. Health Insurance is based on YOUR individual needs. It also offers cover that is usually unlikely to be covered by the medical aid such as accidental cover, injury to the body or death cover. The term is self-explanatory - it is taking out insurance on your health. SMS “health” to 31644 and Oneplan will call you back. And keep listening for more tips for your health care.
16 Mar 2018 English South Africa Business · Business

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