It begins in the CLUB!

Why not put condoms in the most sexual place of culture!?...Boi Mac says it's got to be a quality condom and Sway stands by half a loaf is better than nothing...And one word fits the perfect description for Zim social scene FLEX! Naka dula daka!
25 Apr 2019 English Explicit Zimbabwe Hobbies · Music

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The first Show Ever about The Hangover

Welcome to the Bubble of Lissy, a very hungover bubble, a tale of how it all began, the story that defines all things hangover! (maaan, this headache is crazy, but last night was lit though). Do you get hangovers too? because I suffer from them really badly as you shall…
26 Sep 2017 27 min

The Night Life of Night Clubs

On this episode my sister Lulu and I explore aspects of night clubbing all over the world and what we have adopted as Zimbabweans. We are also extremely excited to present to you a " Night club starter pack for beginners" as well as to advise and warn you mostly…
8 Nov 2017 22 min

All things Alcohol

The main recipe for a hangover is alcohol right? So we thought we could break it down- well, our version rather. On this episode we bring to all the club freshmen "Alcohol 101 for all beginners" as well as try to tutor you about what to drink and where to…
16 Nov 2017 22 min

Its Smoking!

The first episode of 2018 goes onboard the Vic Falls Party bus, The Big Turn Up December edition and the Vic fallls Carnival with guest reviews from Steph Kapfunde and Wawwie Chabikwa. We find out just how popular braais are and what it is to know about them. As well…
26 Jan 2018 27 min