It’s time to replace FOMO with JOMO - from fear of missing out to the joy of missing out! Saying "no" to buying something when we’re being enticed to buy out of a fear of missing out is probably one of the most important lessons a kid can learn. Gareth Cliff and the team chat about their own experiences of buying out of FOMO, and how it cost them more in the long run. Brought to you by Coronation – an authorised financial services provider - where they see through the seen to the unseen, which helps us grow our money.
24 Jul 2019 English South Africa Business · Business

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The Joy of Teljoy

Find out about a flexible and affordable way to get the things you love for your home… hassle-free and commitment-free, especially in SA’s current economic climate. CEO of Teljoy, Jonathan Hurvitz joins the team to tell us more.
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World Obesity Day with Acino

Obesity isn’t just about overindulging. Dr Sundeep Ruder and Dr Fathima Patel join the show on World Obesity Day, to bring awareness around the condition. Dr Ruder also gives advice on how to make changes to improve your quality of life.
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The Future of Work with Ifundi

How do we create jobs and enable employment for the youth in South Africa? Gareth Cliff speaks to Kapina Tjale and Stefan Lauber from Ifundi - a training institution that specialises in futuristic and technologically enabled careers… helping young individuals gain their first set of skills for the 4IR workplace.
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