Baywatch babes & Unsung heroes

04.02.20 Pt 2 - Is there value in paying extra for your kids to get into university? Shut down social media for a year and let’s see who has a real job. Gareth relives his 90s days of watching Baywatch. Speaking of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson got married for 12 days, maybe 5th time isn’t a charm. There’s a hero settling people’s debts anonymously. Michael Settas then joins us to talk healthcare for the public of South Africa.
4 Feb 2020 12AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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Ask the Twins

26.05.23 Pt 2 - Celeste Ntuli and Simphiwe are so similar, some are even calling them twins, which leads to Gareth starting a new segment - 'Ask the Twins'. Simphiwe is shook to find out Celeste has given in to wearing Crocs... and how do you know you're a keeper?
26 May 1AM 54 min

Pyjama Party

26.05.23 Pt 1 - The fabulous Celeste Ntuli joins us again. The winter gets Ryan as he oversleeps for the first time. Do men wear pyjamas? Simphiwe wants to know… and the ladies are looking for love!
26 May 12AM 55 min

Winnie and Nelson

25.05.23 Pt 2 - Jonny Steinberg joins the show to talk about his latest book, Winnie and Nelson - a detailed autobiography about the relationship of one of the world’s most beloved icons, and the woman who accompanied him. The team also discuss the latest interviews coming out of the…
25 May 1AM 55 min

Simply the Best

25.05.23 Pt 1 - Tina Turner has sadly passed away at the age of 83. Gareth and Phumi share some happy memories they have of her trips to South Africa, as well as her influence in the music world. Phumi really wants to get something off her chest about the…
25 May 12AM 59 min

The Life of Harry Oppenheimer

24.05.23 Pt 2 - South African author and Member of Parliament, Michael Cardo dives into the life and fortune of Harry Oppenheimer and the history of the family through the years. He discusses his research behind the scenes, having been granted access to some very exclusive documents and moments in…
24 May 1AM 57 min