How running 4 days a week can turn you into a running machine - Hloni's one on one coaching call

In this edition of the RUN with Coach Parry Podcast, we are joined by Hloni Mtimkulu who is a member of the Coach Parry Online Training Club.

In this podcast you will discover:

✅ How Hloni got into the sport of running and when she started taking it a bit more seriously.

✅ Why Hloni struggles in the first 3km of her runs and what she can do to improve that

✅ Why running 4 days a week is important if you want to run a race like Comrades

✅ Should you try and catch up missed running sessions

✅ How long should the hills be when you're doing hill training as part of your Comrades training

✅ How to improve my running pace (The answer may not be what you think it is)

✅ How important is speed training as part of a training program

✅ When should you be taking things like gels on the run

✅ Whether running in the morning or evening is better

✅ Why strength training is the best addition Hloni can make to her running right now.

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