ARA Podcast - The Journal for Artistic Research: a conversation with Dr Michael Schwab

In this dialogue I speak to Dr Michael Schwab, the co-initiator and inaugural Editor-in-Chief of JAR, the Journal for Artistic Research. Michael was most recently a keynote speaker at the ARA2020 Conference, on the theme of artistic research in Africa, which was held here at Wits University in January.

As a JAR editor and a leading exponent of the 'practice turn in contemporary theory', Michael has been at the forefront of conceptualising the expanding field of artistic research in Europe, and increasingly internationally for more than a decade. Michael is also himself an artist, and an artistic researcher who interrogates post-conceptual uses of technology in a variety of media including photography, drawing, printmaking and installation art.

His ARA 2020 keynote address, "Dynamics", can be accessed at
The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), an international, online, Open Access, peer-reviewed journal is available online at