EP32: "The basics of advertising haven't changed - a good and creative story is always critical" - Oresti Patricios

This is one of the points from our guest on this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU podcast, where we welcome @Oresti Patricios, CEO of @Ornico.

We have a very engaging chat about tracking, tends and monitoring of brands’ advertising-spend and media, and address the sector economic devastation caused by the virus. So, if you want an all-in episode, ranging from what was the first advert on SA television, to today’s social media trends (via the comprehensive @Ornico Social Media Report), why bards can’t spend money that they don’t have, to the state of transformation in the industry, tune in.

And lastly, a big congratulations to @Gordon Muller’s team, @Arsenal, on their FA Cup win this past weekend.

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