Kosmos 94.1

Kosmos 94.1 is an Afrikaans Commercial Station in Namibia. The audience profile of Kosmos 94.1: Namibian between 25-59 years old. The whole nation, and those in the higher LSM groups with disposable income listen to Kosmos 94.1. We are a news leader, disseminating news on an objective unbiased basis. We engage with high-level government in order to monitor the state of the nation, and to bring the news of the day to our listeners. Hence it is not uncommon to hear the voices of government ministers on our station - clarifying or explaining important matters, or reacting to matters of the day. The music spectrum of Kosmos 94.1 ranges from hits of the 70's, straight through to current hits.

Covid Q&A

14 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±3 min episode every 1 week
Covid. Covid this, Covid that! And the only thing you want is information. Renaissance Health and Kosmos 94.1 approached Dr Monir Islam, a leading researcher in infectious diseases and international public health advisor with your questions. Dr. Islam, currently working from Geneva in Switzerland, is intimately acquainted with Namibia, having served here for several years as a director with the World Health Organisation. He answers your questions, without fear or favour on Covid Q&A.

Kosmos Diere Minuut

68 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±3 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
Kosmos 94.1 weet hoe lief jy jou dierekinders het en daarom het ons besluit om vir Dr Theuns Laubscher van Windhoek Veterinary Clinic te kry om elke Woensdag kwart voor vier (15:45) te gesels oor algemene dierekwale.

Dalk het jou troeteldier 'n kwaal en jy soek 'n kundige mening daaroor. Jy kan jou vraag aan dokter Theuns rig om lig te werp op die onderwerp. Stuur nou jou VRAAG per Whatsapp na 085 127 3000 met die kodewoord Dier en Dr Theuns help graag.

Dis elke Woensdag kwart voor vier op Kosmos 94.1

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