Joy of Media

Joy of Media is a company founded by young people focussed on telling the stories of the youth through the powerful media of podcasting. Social connection is important. Stories and experiences make a difference - they change lives and open new doors. There is a positive power to media - especially audio which unlocks the theatre of the mind. By harnessing the power of multimedia podcasting, Joy of Media aims to empower and give the youth of South Africa a voice through a usnique media platform. Podcasting is experiencing rapid growth all over the world. But its adoption has only just begun in South Africa, and Joy of Media is taking advantage of this as an early adopter. This is the future of youth media. Brought to you by the youth.

SuperSport Schools' Podcast

7 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±21 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
The SuperSport Schools’ Podcast tells stories of youth and school sport. SuperSport Schools exists to grow school sports and get more sports stars to shine - across the African continent - by broadcasting the full South African sports story – from the beginning! This podcast is hosted by Alex White and regular guest host Timothy Muasya Muthama. Together they discover the emotions, passions, drama, and skills of our young sporting stars that make South Africa one of the most sporting-mad countries on Earth. SuperSport Schools, bringing you the sport you care about the most.