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A weekly podcast hosted by Big Daddy Liberty. We discuss news, politics, economics and social issues through the lens of liberty.
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Expropriation Without Compensation is BACK! | The Podcast

The socialist policy of EWC is back on track! South African politicians have voted last week to reconvene a parliamentary committee dealing with amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution. This is the same committee looking to introduce expropriation without compensation, a power that would grant politicians the right to…
10 Jul 2020 43 min

Is the lockdown over? | The Podcast

Join me in conversation with Reyno de Beer from the Liberty Fighters Network, as I ask him why he thinks court victory against government means the lockdown is over. I also discuss the big news items of the week, namely; the dismal 30.1% unemployment rate and the debt trap created…
26 Jun 2020 41 min

Enhanced Level 3 Lockdown Shenanigans & JZ the Moemish? | The Podcast

Join me in conversation wrapping up the week. I revisit the issue of gender-based violence, and how empowering more women to be armed self-defenders is a necessity. I then have a conversation with Rational Standard Chief Editor, Nicolas Woode-Smith, about the latest announcement of "enhanced Level 3 Lockdown". Is it…
19 Jun 2020 38 min

Budget Speech 2020: What to expect & analysis by IRR Chief Economist

Join me in conversation with IRR Chief Economist, Ian Cruickshanks, we try forecast on the upcoming Budget Speech to be delivered by Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni. We look at the good, the bad & the ugly...and give analysis on what the Finance Minister ought to say if we are to…
21 Feb 2020 46 min

Nick Babaya on China (history, economy & governance)

Join me in conversation with IRR analyst, Nick Babaya, as we talk all things China related. - What is it like to live in China? - Do the citizens enjoy civil liberties? - What does it mean to live under a Communist government? In my weekly rant this week, I…
31 Jan 2020 59 min

On Life, Liberty & Property with Martin van Staden!

Join me in conversation with Free Market Foundation Head of Legal & Research, Martin van Staden. We talk about what liberty means, and how it translates into economic, social and political aspects of everyday life. We make the case for why South Africa should become a free society!
24 Jan 2020 1 hour

Our weak economy, rampant ANC socialism and a troubled DA with Zak Mbhele

I always say #PoliticiansAreTrash...but can Democratic Alliance MP, Zakhele Mbhele, change my mind? Tune to to the chat as we look at the ailing economy, what MPs like him can do from Parliament, and we discuss how the DA can reclaim lost ground and inspire a come-back in the polls…
3 Oct 2019 1 hour

We talk economic freedom and the future of SA with Mpiyakhe Dhlamini!

We unpack the recently released Economic Freedom of the World Report of 2019 by the Free Market Foundation. South Africa fell 54 places in World Freedom Index in just 19 years, and with proposed policies like Expropriation Without Compensation, Prescribed Assets and the National Health Insurance, it would seem South…
26 Sep 2019 1 hour

Crime Stats 2018/2019: Are you any safer today than a year ago?

Join our discussion as Big Daddy Liberty talks to IRR analysts, Hermann Pretorius (@Meneer_Mann) and Marius Roodt (@MariusCRoodt) about the latest crime statistics. We breakdown the trends, and look at the crime catagories by how the affect you life, liberty & property-rights! Are you safe as a South African? Are…
12 Sep 2019 41 min

On citizen gun-rights and the failure of SAPS to police with consent!

I chat to gun rights activist and all-round good guy, Gideon Joubert, better known as Paratus on social media. We look at the importance of having an armed citizenry, and discuss the complete breakdown of law and order in South Africa under a police force that fails the 'Peelian Principle'…
5 Sep 2019 44 min