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Thrive with ‘DrD’

Each week, clinical psychologist ‘DrD’, Dorianne Weil, interviews an inspiring guest who'll help provide us with guidance and tools for not only understanding and coping with life, but for thriving in it! 'DrD' hopes this podcast will inspire people to live their lives with understanding and intention. 'DrD' served as an expert psychologist during the Oscar Pistorius trial and has interviewed the likes of Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama.
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Pandemic grief and loss - what stage are you in?

In the latest Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, clinical psychologist Dorianne Weil explores the five stages of grief and how they relate to the state of the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. What stage are you at - anger, denial, bargaining, sadness or acceptance? 'DrD' helps to make sense of…
24 Sep 2020 22 min

Has your relationship taken strain in lockdown?

Has your relationship taken strain over the past several months of lockdown living? Many couples have been together 24/7 - whereas previously they'd have time apart during the working day, and would reunite in the evening. 'DrD' Dorianne Weil has received numerous emails around this topic, and has some very…
17 Sep 2020 5 min

3 key things everyone coping in this pandemic needs to know

'DrD' Dorianne Weil is breaking with the podcast's regular format this week, in order to respond to some of your questions around living and surviving - and thriving - in this so-called new normal. 'DrD' - a clinical psychologist - has three key pieces of advice for those of us…
10 Sep 2020 13 min

Gaynor Young's plunge and rise - Overcoming adversity

Gaynor Young, an acclaimed actress and opera singer, had just performer in a play at the State Theatre in Pretoria when tragedy struck. During a change in scenery on stage, Gaynor took one false step and found herself tumbling off the stage, and ultimately down five floors to the basement…
3 Sep 2020 43 min

The Power of Energy - with Colin Hall

Your personal energy levels determine it all, says leadership and business coach Colin Hall - who has over 60 years of business experience and who runs the 'Learning to Lead' programme. "If your energy's low, your brain is not fully functional," he tells 'DrD'. Colin is the ex-CEO of WoolTru,…
27 Aug 2020 37 min

Your thoughts determine your destiny – with John Demartini

Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost ‘tangible reality’. That's the belief of Dr John Demartini, Human Behavioural Specialist, Educator, Internationally Published Author and Business Consultant. He talks to 'DrD' about how to understand negative self talk – where it comes from and what purpose it serves; why you don't…
20 Aug 2020 36 min

The Science of Happiness with Justin Cohen

Did you know that people who are happier have substantially higher income; get sick less often and recover more quickly; have higher tolerance for pain, more tolerance for stress and less memory loss? *Justin Cohen - bestselling author, global speaker and transformational coach - believes there are practical things you…
13 Aug 2020 47 min

Parenting in a digital world where real predators roam

Parenting in a digital world - where real predators roam - can be really tricky. ‘Be in Touch’ was initiated by Josh Ramsey to educate, connect and protect families and schools, and enable our children to ‘thrive’ in this current digital world. In this podcast, Josh and 'DrD' discuss essential…
6 Aug 2020 30 min

The Essence of Leadership - with David Molapo

Dr David Molapo joins ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil this week to talk about the essentials of personal excellence and leadership, especially in tough and unpredictable times. David Molapo is a leadership coach, mentor to thousands and renowned motivational speaker. He's authored many books, including Growing up Spiritually, The 10 Exciting Keys…
30 Jul 2020 49 min

How to stand out as an expert in your industry

What would change if you were seen as the top name in your industry? Could you become the Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding, the Oprah of TV, the Elon Musk of innovation or the Nigella of food? And would you be able to change the scale of your earnings exponentially? On Thrive…
23 Jul 2020 33 min

You aren't here to fit in, you're here to stand out - with Dr John Demartini

You aren't here to fit in, you're here to stand out, says Dr John Demartini * - who's considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development. In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, Dr Demartini and 'DrD' Dorianne Weil discuss this fascinating topic. * Dr…
16 Jul 2020 39 min

Tracy Going - Domestic Violence: ‘Brutal Legacy’ & lessons of Thrival

Join ‘DrD’ and her guest, Tracy Going - award-winning former TV and radio news anchor and author of 'Brutal Legacy: A Memoir' - as they discuss with every woman, mother, sister or friend, how to recognise signs, reach out for help and overcome the crippling effects of domestic violence. They…
1 Jul 2020 32 min

Emotional Intelligence: The Deciding Factor

As a pioneer, Steph Vermeulen has been Africa's authority on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) since 1996. Steph embraces advances in science that have matured the field of EQ into Personal Intelligence – the subject of her latest book. ‘DrD’ explores the relevance of using EQ to manage the challenges of the…
25 Jun 2020 52 min

Enhance your life, improve your sleep

It’s an undisputed fact that the quantity and quality of sleep relates to both physical and mental health. • How much sleep do we really need? • How do we improve the quality of our sleep? • Are you an insomniac? And how do you deal with this? Listen to…
18 Jun 2020 32 min

Building your Relationship (Hedy Schleifer and ‘DrD’)

What is relational maturity? What are the skills in developing it? Hedy Schleifer is an internationally renowned master relationship builder and motivational speaker who guides and teachers couples, partners, business associates, therapists and families about relational maturity. She believes that world peace begins with the human family and can be…
11 Jun 2020 38 min

Future-proofing your child

Today in these turbulent times and its effect on the education system, we ask the question, can you future-proof your children for the 2020’s and beyond? The world of work is vastly different. Is it possible to understand this changing world and learn a framework to assist parents in ensuring…
5 Jun 2020 45 min

Unpacking trauma

In this week's episode, 'DrD' and Clinical Psychologist Hayden Knibbs - who specialises in trauma therapy - unpack what trauma is and how to support those affected by a trauma. Trauma occurs when we experience a threatening event or period of time, outside of our expectations of reality. In this…
28 May 2020 34 min

Benjamin Zander - Practice possibility now

Benjamin Zander, co-author of best selling 'The Art of Possibility'; world renowned teacher of music and life; conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and the globe-trotting Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra; leadership guru and popular TED speaker, describes a powerful way of looking at life that makes you the conductor of your…
21 May 2020 36 min

Fatherhood (Craig Wilkinson)

This week, 'DrD' Dorianne Weil speaks with author, public speaker and Dad Coach - Craig Wilkinson about equipping men to be great fathers and leaders. Craig has worked extensively in the Non Profit sector in the development of men and fathers. He is the founder of Father a Nation (FAN),…
14 May 2020 36 min

Domestic violence

Join 'DrD' Dorianne Weil and her guest, psychologist Sue Hickey, as they discuss Domestic violence. Why do some women remain in an abusive relationship for years? Is there a profile of an abuser or a profile of an abuse victim? Were abusers abused? Can abusers be rehabilitated? How can you…
7 May 2020 43 min
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