Colourful is a music programme on Radio Pulpit that celebrates Gospel music. Your presenter is the talented Janine van Niekerk, an expert in South-African Gospel music industry. She is also the manager of the SAMA-award winning Afrikaans gospel artist, Retief Burger.
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Riaan AG Beeslaar speaks to God

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Riaan AG Beeslaar about his spoken Word: "Gesprek met God" and the testimony behind the talent as well.
17 Feb 21 min

Alive in Kaaps: Prys Issie Weapon

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Shawn George from "Alive in Kaaps", about a vibrant new rendition of Psalm149, called ‘Prys issie weapon.’ The song is fresh and brings a modern contemporary feel to the Kaaps language, away from the “gumma” feel we expect from the culture.
10 Feb 19 min

Chad JF Prins: Make a Way

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Chad Prins about his new song: Make a way and God how God did just that in his life.
27 Jan 22 min

Dan Shaw: Wash over me

Janine van Niekerk speaks to Dan Shaw about her music, her faith and her new song: "Wash over me".
20 Jan 21 min

Cezanne Yzelle looks to the Lord

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Cezanne Yzelle about the song she has recorded with Jacobus Silwer called "Kyk na die Here".
9 Dec 2023 18 min

Getting to know Jenangela

Janine van Niekerk is getting to know Jenangela: her walk with Jesus and her love for music.
25 Nov 2023 22 min

Liezel Pieters can cook and sing!

Liezel Pieters is one of those versatile people who will swim no matter where you throw her in, so no one who eats her delicious food on tours, even knows about her singing talent! But wait... there's always more!
11 Nov 2023 17 min

Pascale Yav says that God stays faithful

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Pascale Yav about her new EP - A New Thing, and how God has proven Himself faithful in her life over and over again.
28 Oct 2023 22 min

Arch Bilankulu is FREE

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Arch Bilankulu from 3C in Pretoria about his own walk with Jesus and his love of the cultural diversity of the music of South Africa.
21 Oct 2023 23 min

Riana Nel wonders...

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Riana Nel about her new single "Ek Wonder" amongst other deep things…
30 Sep 2023 25 min

Vredelust Worship: ons is vry

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Clement Martin from Vredelust Worship about their new single: "Ons is Vry."
30 Sep 2023 19 min
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