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Radio Pulpit has almost four decades of experience in broadcasting the life-giving message of Christ. Our programmes help restore family values, equip the leaders of tomorrow and build a moral nation. We address current and relevant issues with a biblical perspective. Radio Pulpit is Your Daily Companion for news, music, lifestyle and business matters, all based on the Word of God with experts in every field to guide listeners on their life's journey.


35 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±25 min episode every 2 weeks
Brandpunt with Wynand Rossouw asks questions, provide answers and get listeners thinking. It aims to deliver the pure, unadulterated Word of God. Wynand facilitates discussions about controversial everyday Christian topics affecting believers worldwide. Brandpunt aims to ask questions, provide answers and get listeners thinking and informed. During His ministry on earth, Christ often asked questions to get individuals to reflect on matters to discover God’s truth about them.

Heart to Heart

401 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±27 min episode every day
Heart to Heart is a magazine show on Radio Pulpit that brings you teachings, gospel music and advice. The programmes are both entertaining and informative. To keep the content fresh, inspiring and from different perspectives, we have three presenters, each with their unique style.

Emgangathweni | Back to Basics

93 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±43 min episode every 3 days
Emgangathweni (Back to Basics) is a show on Radio Pulpit aimed at unlocking and revealing truths through interactive dialogue and discussions. Audience members bring their own views and analysis of specific theological trends. Listeners can expect intriguing as well as empowering and uplifting conversations that cover a broad spectrum of topics.

I Am Live

139 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±20 min episode every 2 days
I Am Live is the primary youth show on Radio Pulpit. It aims to help young people understand and navigate the modern world. The programme speaks to millennials and Generation Z. They facilitate discussions which address challenges that are unique to these groups. Discussions frequently aim to answer difficult questions. However, don't make the mistake to think I Am on 657 is only for millennials. It is also for those who work and deal with them.

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