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Radio Pulpit

Radio Pulpit is an established, reliable, relevant media voice and preferred Christian radio station and media partner in South Africa and beyond. With more than four decades of broadcasting experience, this trusted brand is a welcome voice in households and businesses across the country.
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Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a magazine show on Radio Pulpit that brings you teachings, gospel music and advice. The programmes are both entertaining and informative. To keep the content fresh, inspiring and from different perspectives, we have three presenters, each with their unique style.
8 Jun 9AM 734 episodes English Christianity · Christianity

Let’s Talk

Let's Talk is a daily radio program hosted by Rocky Stevenson, pastor of Benoni Bible Church. It covers various engaging topics with a unique focus each day. Memorable Mondays explore significant church history, while Theology Tuesdays cover key theological themes. Wisdom Wednesdays showcase wisdom literature in the Bible. Technical Thursdays…
8 Jun 4AM 1 episodes English Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

Daybreak | Dagbreek

Begin jou dag met inspirerende potgooie gedurende Dagbreek met Johann Els op Radiokansel. Kick-start your morning with a word from God with Wynand Rossouw.
8 Jun 444 episodes English Christianity · Christianity


Het jy vrae oor die lewe, God, of die Bybel? Indien wel, is Skriftuurlik met Wynand & Pastoor Rocky op Radiokansel die platform om dit te vra. Luisteraars stuur vrae direk na die ateljee via WhatsApp. Aanbieders Wynand Rossouw en Pastoor Rocky Stevenson poog dan om hierdie vrae te beantwoord…
6 Jun 123 episodes English Christianity · Christianity

Good News Time | Goeie Nuus Tyd

This morning drive programme offers you everything you need to start your day with Good News! Die program bied alles wat jy nodig het om jou dag met Goeie Nuus te begin!
9 Jun 1AM 1,086 episodes English Christianity · Christianity


Listeners can expect a fresh Word from God early in the morning every weekday. Pastors from different denominations join us to teach the Word of God.
6 Jun 7AM 507 episodes Sotho Christianity · Christianity

Hlala Nathi

In Hlala Nathi different pastors teach and preach the Word of God about relevant, everyday struggles and challenges, to edify and encourage Christians to overcome. It includes teachings in Zulu, Sepedi, and English.
7 Jun 8AM 257 episodes Zulu Christianity · Christianity

Heart and Soul

Listeners tune in for Heart and Soul to receive encouragement and to be with a companion that brings them a message of hope. Whether the presenter himself shares, or a guest joins in on the conversation, you will always find a good dose of encouragement, revelation and Truth.
23 May 7AM 400 episodes English Christianity · Christianity

Just For You | Parenting

Just for You on Radio Pulpit is a magazine show designed to empower people from all walks of life. From from the young at heart to the older and more settled. Through the show, we seek to inspire excellence in every Christian’s daily journey and to strengthen and empower listeners…
7 Jun 47 episodes English Christianity · Kids & Family

Tsa Matsha

Tsa Matsha offers listeners Biblical counselling, comfort and companionship. The Word of God and guidance to strengthen you for the day ahead. The music for the programme is carefully selected to set an atmosphere of peace, strength and power.
19 Jun 12AM 470 episodes Xhosa Christianity · Christianity

Let's Praise Him

When you tune in to Let’s Praise Him on Radio Pulpit you can expect to have a church service on the radio. The programme is broadcast live from studio with a focus on prayer and intercession, testimonies, worship and the Word.
7 Jun 167 episodes English Christianity · Christianity


Spektrum with Johann Els is a Radio Pulpit drive-time programme that will wind you down after a busy day. It is packed with humour, information and testimonies. The aim of the programme is to keep listeners informed, inspired and encouraged.
7 Jun 11AM 812 episodes English Christianity · Christianity

Inspirasie saam met Lynette Beer

Inspirasie saam met Lynette Beer is 'n klein, maar kragtige potgooi op Radio Kansel tydens Goeie Nuus Tyd elke Donderdag oggend. Dit is een van ons luisteraar se hoogtepunte van die week. Onderwerpe fokus meestal op verhoudings, met God, mekaar, en self.
8 Jun 145 episodes Afrikaans Christianity · Relationships

Elevated with Jenna-Leigh

Elevated is a unique Radio Pulpit show that uplifts, empowers and celebrates victories in Christ with the talented Jenna-Leigh Bilong as the presenter. It will uplift your spirit and empower you through the Word of God. The highlight of the show is the powerful testimonies shared by guests.
6 Jun 67 episodes English Christianity · Christianity

Filling the Gap

Bridging the gap between young and old is what Filling the Gap on Radio Pulpit aims to do. It helps create a multi-generational society that glorifies God. The programme expertly addresses issues, such as drug abuse, peer pressure, young marriages and more.
5 Jun 64 episodes English Self-Improvement · Christianity

I Am Youth

I AM Youth is the go-to platform for today’s young adults. Our content centres around our slogan of Life. Explained. Our primary goal is to infiltrate the spaces young people occupy to help them overcome the challenges they face.
12 May 398 episodes English Christianity · Society & Culture

Tuesday Live

Prayer, wisdom, peace and understanding the Word of God are just some of the topics Thomson, and his guests discuss on Tuesday Live. Listeners can expect to come away from this programme equipped with more in-depth knowledge of the Bible. With invaluable lessons learnt, and the arsenal of their faith…
5 Jun 98 episodes English Christianity · Self-Improvement

So stuur Ek julle

Skakel in vir getuienisse deur sendelinge en mobiliseerders wat luisteraars aanroep om die Sendingbeweging regoor die wêreld te ondersteun.
18 Jun 61 episodes Afrikaans Christianity · Christianity

Delf steeds dieper

Delf Steeds Dieper nooi jou uit om saam te delf en dieper te soek na die skatte van ons Vader. Die Waarheid is so groot soos ons Messias Self en in hierdie lewe sal ons nooit ophou delf en leer nie!
5 Jun 22 episodes Afrikaans Religion & Spirituality · Christianity


Ontdek weer die heerlikheid van die evangelie. Die fokus is om ‘n meer diepgaande passie vir die Woord van God onder gelowiges te laat opvlam.
1 Jun 61 episodes Afrikaans Religion & Spirituality · Christianity
1 – 20