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Joseph's dream

Nthabiseng Shabalala preaches about Joseph's dream in the book of Genesis 37 : 10 God uses any situation for His plan to come to pass, He will put you through hurting or painful situations to take you somewhere.
22 Feb 5AM 6 min

Famine in besieged Samaria #3

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about the book of 2 Kings 6 : 31 - 33 Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice. Prophet Elisha knew exactly what the King has planned against him.
12 Feb 6AM 8 min

Famine in besieged Samaria #2

Pastor Zani Dladla speaks about the book of 2 Kings 6 : 26 - 30 Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Poverty can cause people to do evil things.
12 Feb 6AM 8 min

Your eyes see, your ears hear

Dr ALN Moloantoa talks about your eyes see and your ears hear, therefore you are blessed. There are people who listen but do not hear what we hear, or who's eyes are open but don't see what we see. Matthews 13 : 16
12 Feb 4AM 15 min

Famine in besieged Samaria #1

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about the book of 2 Kings 6 : 24 - 25 He is talking about the besieged Samaria, Prophet Elisha was the adviser of the king of Israel, he advised the King to do good to the people of Samaria. Do good to those who hate…
12 Feb 4AM 8 min

Tell it to the generation

Pastor Gwen Matshoba is looking at the two books of minor prophets Nahum and the book of Joel. We are talking about the God who sent His grace before His wrath. Nahum delivers a message of judgment against Nineveh for its wickedness and oppression of other nations. The book vividly…
7 Feb 7AM 20 min

The true vine

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about the true vine. John 15 : 1 - 8 In chapter 6 - 14 He says I'm the bread of life, the water of life, the light of the World, the good shepherd, he is the resurrection and life, lastly, he is the truth, the…
7 Feb 6AM 20 min

Caleb and Joshua had a different spirit

Pastor Gwen Matshoba talks about the book of Numbers 14 : 23 - 24; Luke 9 : 55 it is important to know who we are in Christ Jesus, and to understand what kind of a spirit we have after we accepted Jesus Christ. We are fighting against the principalities…
2 Feb 5AM 19 min

Change the approach-Will you succeed

Will you succeed? Pastor Gwen Matshoba answers a question that we need to change the approach; for us to succeed. There are some other things that we put an effort in doing them, yet we fail; but when Jesus Christ appears in that situation, our story changes. John 21 :…
2 Feb 2AM 20 min

Doing good to all #3

Pastor Zani Dladla continues on the topic "Doing good to all" Hebrews 6: 10 Don't forget to do good because if we don't, we are not showing respect to God and we are present Him as not a good God; but if we do, the bible says He will not…
18 Jan 7AM 8 min

Doing good to all #2

Pastor Zani Dladla preaches about the book of Hebrews 13:16 doing good to all. Don't become weary in doing good, we don't have to blame people or situations for not being kind and generous, but the word of God encourages us to do good to all.
18 Jan 6AM 10 min

God answereth prayers mysteriously

Pastor Gwen Matshoba encourages us that God answers prayers. Habakkuk 1: 1 - 4; 3: 1 - 3, 16 - 19 Habakkuk means to embrace. We learn that Habakkuk was not actually praying in chapter 1 but complaining. As children of God we pass through situations that have been conquered…
18 Jan 6AM 21 min

Reason for the season

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about reason for seasons in the book of Genesis 8 : 22 Everything in nature has a cycle, and humans are not exemption. As human beings we go through 4 seasons in our personal lives, season of preparation, testing, exposure and impact. There's time for everything…
18 Jan 6AM 19 min

Doing good to all #1

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about the book of Galatians 6 : 9 - 10 Don't become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. In the past years you have persevered and have seen the results/ outcome of…
21 Dec 2023 7AM 9 min

Father I know that you hear me always

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about taking off that which is hindering you to see the glory of God. John 11: 42 - 44 It may happen that you faced a lot of challenges in the past, let us approach the new year with a new prayer, "Father thank you that…
21 Dec 2023 7AM 10 min

Storms of life

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about the storms of life. Matthew 8 : 23 - 27 Jesus Christ demonstrated how to behave when encountering the storms of life, how to respond but not to react. Persecution (storms of life) will come into our lives, not because of who we are, but…
21 Dec 2023 7AM 20 min

Inquiring from the Lord.

Pastor Gwen teaches about inquiring from the Lord. Isaiah 45 : 2 God has already gone before us. Acts 12 Isaiah 58: There's a promise that God has made that He will guide us always, He will certify our needs in a sun scorch land, and will strengthen our faith…
21 Dec 2023 6AM 20 min

Your eyes see, your ears hear

Dr L Moloantoa talks about Jesus' disciples being able to see and hear. Matthew 13 : 16 "But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not…
21 Dec 2023 6AM 15 min

Yesu a nzhena mutani wa thembele

Pastor Lufuno Negota talks about "A thoma u pandela vhothe vhe vha vha vha dhi khou rengise zwitha zwavho henefho, a mbo thenukanya madefile a vhatshimbhi vja tshelede na…
20 Dec 2023 7AM 5 min
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