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Afternoon Drive takes you home with a smile on your dial and hope in your heart. Hulle aktiveer hoop, laat die wiele blits, op die ritme van die Top 5 om 5.
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AFTERNOON DRIVE - Nicole Sherwin - Eco Diva

12.05.2023 - Tune in as we uncover the secrets behind Eco Diva's superfood skincare and learn how to unleash your skin's natural potential. From the power of nature-cure to the benefits of plant-based ingredients, this interview is packed with skin-loving goodness!
12 May 12 min


05.05.2023 - Have you heard about the newest energy drink on the market - #PrimeEnergy? Prime Energy has taken social media by storm! This week on the Afternoon Drive and Antony Stearns, Head of Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi joined Cliff and Leah to make sense of the hype behind…
5 May 16 min

Afternoon Drive - MEC for Social Development Sharna Fernandez

17.04.2023 - Social workers are not safe and are under attack when doing house visits, As we already have a huge shortage of social workers in the province, the Department of Social Development has been pouring into getting more social workers into various communities at different levels. According to the…
17 Apr 13 min

Afternoon Drive - Hermann Du Plessis

20.03.2023 - Discover the power of servant leadership and emotional intelligence in business! Hermann Du Plessis shares insights on how to lead with empathy, build a culture of trust, and create sustainable success for your organization. Listen in to learn how to become an emotionally intelligent leader and elevate your…
20 Mar 15 min

Afternoon Drive - Calling Cape Town, Stephen and Werner.

17.03.2023 - The Afternoon Drive spoke to Calling Cape Town Extreme Challenge founders and creators of Calling Education, Werner and Stephen and the work they are doing to contribute towards the provision of better education for low-income learners in the country.
17 Mar 12 min

Afternoon Drive - Ntokozo Mbambo - Gospel singer

13.03.2023 - The Afternoon Drive teams sits down Ntokozo Mbambo, renowned gospel singer, songwriter, worship leader, and member of the Jesus Collective. In this episode, Ntokozo shares her insights on maintaining perspective on Jesus amidst the distractions of everyday life and how to keep the focus on God even during…
13 Mar 13 min

Afternoon Drive - Louwerens Swanepoel

13.03.2023 - Louwerens Swanepoel is 'n Mentor, besigheidsman en motiveringsspreker wie ons help om ons fokus op die denkwyse van besigheidspersone te rig. So dit gaan als oor persoonlike ontwikkeling
13 Mar 9 min

Afternoon Drive - Minister Regan Allen - National strike

13.03.2023 - In this episode, Reagan speaks to the Afternoon Drive team about the alleged national strike, the 20th of March. National strikes have been historically associated with high crime rates and violence. He discusses the measures put in place to ensure public safety and maintain order on this day…
13 Mar 11 min

Afternoon Drive - Maxx Mqhakayi

06.03.2023 - Maxx Mqhakayi is a music minister originally from Guguletu, Cape Town. In 2019, God opened the door for him to serve in The Jesus Collective, under the leadership of Hilton Petersen, and tours the country with the evangelistic ministries outreaches alongside some of the Gospel industries greatest artists…
6 Mar 15 min

Afternoon Drive - Louwerens Swanepoel

06.03.2023 - Louwerens Swanepoel is 'n Mentor, besigheidsman en motiveringsspreker wie ons help om ons fokus op die denkwyse van besigheidspersone te rig. So dit gaan als oor persoonlike ontwikkeling
6 Mar 9 min

Afternoon Drive - Dr. Nicholas Neeves

06.03.2023 - Improve your relationships with effective communication! Join Dr. Nicholas Neeves on the Afternoon Drive every Monday at 16:20 for a 5-part series on the importance of communication skills and practical tips on how to enhance them. Learn the art of active listening, expressing yourself, nonverbal communication, and conflict…
6 Mar 6 min
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