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The Double Espresso show aims to inform and energize you to get through the day. The dynamic duo of Delila and DJ Musketeer are sure to serve you a breakfast buffet of great conversation, laughs, trending news and of course the very best tune in R&B and Afrobeat.
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Update on Namibia's Civil Servants Strike

Secretary general of Trade Union Congress of Namibia, Mr Kavihuha Mahongora gives clarity on when 'Namibia's largest civil servants' strike will commence.
2 Aug 2022 2AM 6 min

Fresh Ambassador

Delila reveals the new Fresh Ambassador for Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati
29 Jun 2022 3AM 6 min

Just how bad is ego lifting

On this episode of Healthy Habits, Gabriel Moonde, the founder of Relentless Fitness, explains what ego lifting is and how bad it is.
28 Jun 2022 4AM 1 min

Miss Supranational 2021

Great time in studio as we were joined by Miss Supranational 2021, Chanique Rabe.
21 Jun 2022 5AM 12 min

Ideal Hangover Meal

After a heavy hangover, what meal are choosing from the buffet? Kapana? Matangara? Potjie?
21 Jun 2022 5AM 6 min

Back in the day

What are some of the best moments you remember from your high school days?
17 Jun 2022 4AM 5 min

Was that petty?

What was one of the pettiest reasons you rejected someone?
17 Jun 2022 3AM 8 min

Get to know Someone

What is your favorite question to ask when trying to get to know someone??
17 Jun 2022 3AM 5 min

Story Time

Creepy things that guys do without even knowing.
14 Jun 2022 4AM 5 min


would you feel offended if you friend moved back to the country without telling you?
13 Jun 2022 4AM 4 min

The Golden girls

weighing in on what has been going on with Namibia's favorite athletes, Mboma and Masilingi,
9 Jun 2022 5AM 7 min

Cosmetic Surgery

if you could get cosmetic surgery, where would you have work done?
8 Jun 2022 6AM 9 min


When is it the right time to introduce your significant other to your parents?
7 Jun 2022 3AM 10 min

Game Time

Play 'Minute to win it' with Delila and Musketeer and stand a chance to walk away with a hamper from Jacobs Kronung coffee .
6 Jun 2022 3AM 3 min

is it necessary?

Is there anything wrong with having a lavish wedding worth millions of dollars, in a village where poverty is prevalent?
2 Jun 2022 6AM 8 min

She wanted it, She got it

So Musketeer is not that bad of a big brother after all Mans went and got Delila a boot she fell in love with ever the since the day she saw it at Leonora's had the whole future media team going crazy!!
1 Jun 2022 4AM 4 min

NAMRA Talks Counterfeits

NAMRA's Chief Strategic Communications and Support Engagement officer, Steven Ndorokaze answers to concerns as to why the counterfeit items supposedly belonging to the 'order with me' agents were destroyed.
23 May 2022 4AM 18 min
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