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There are two things Mzi loves to do with you; enjoying the best local music and more and getting to know those who give us the best local music and more. Have a listen to Mzi do a bit of both on the 9 - 12 Starring You and Mzi podcast.

From the people Mzi puts you onto, to the STARS of The Song of The Week, to those we who inspire us to Push Pause and reflect, this 9 - 12 Starring You & Mzi podcast ensures you can catch up on it if you missed it or listen again because you loved it.

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These stories are more common than you think. Somebody who has no idea what on earth a particular art form is gets introduced to it and is left confused, they just don't get it. Yet, they give it time nonetheless, and with times comes understanding,and with understanding comes love. Love for what was once foreign and misunderstood. A romance then ensues and births some of the most celebrated creations of the said art form. This is the story of The King of African Rap - Kwesta.

With 15 years going on 16 at the forefront of South African music, the only thing bigger than Kwesta's brand is his voice. Even so, humility is what leads him. It's a quiet dangerous confidence for anybody stepping into the battle ring with him, it's a refreshing revelation for his fans and a pleasure for all who work with him. The King pulled through to STAR 919 to tell his rap story from chapter one to the current one. Having been a relevant voice over the course of at least three hip hop eras, Kwesta's story tells a story of authenticity, adaptability and innovation.

The throne is not vacant, if you were wondering, what looks like a vacancy is but the king's descension into the arena. He's at it again, and this time he's going back to his roots.


Amidst the chaos that was the July '21 riots, a rapper captures the attention of the nation and goes viral. Was that a page out of the ingenious marketing 101 book of TunezRSA or opportunism of the highest order? Does it matter? Whichever it was, it has led to what now is.

TunezRSA is now known not only as a rapper gone viral but a manager in the creative arts and entertainment space managing one of South Africa's most globally famous TikTokkers, Mr. NT, to facilitating major label contracts for recording artists, to championing the bridging of the digital divide. There's a lot more than just a viral moment to TunezRSA. Give him the time of day and you'll learn this, along with a few valuables gems for the charting of your own course within the respective spaces he navigates.


Why is it that we connect so easily and with such intensity with certain artists? Perhaps because these artists make it easy to connect with them. How? Well, if we're to use Craig Lucas as our reference, it might be because such artists are oversharers.

Craig Lucas came into this conversation with his heart open from the get go. When people say "we don't just hear Craig Lucas sing, we feel him sing."; that's because being so open hearted, Craig writes and sings from the heart. A Craig Lucas experience is a heart to heart experience, especially when it comes to his music. This was especially brought to light in conversation with him where he immediately broke down the walls between us and him, stepping off the pedestal as he immediately humanised himself.

From his introduction to the world in 2017 on The Voice S2, the love for Craig was real, maybe even overwhelming with everybody wanting a Craig Lucas experience. The rise of Craig Lucas was made up of two realities, and contradicting ones at that. In the public eye, a STAR had been born, and indeed it had, and the realisation of a dream was unfolding before our very eyes. As for in the life of Craig, it saw the emergence of unconfronted demons. He confronted them at the time the best way he knew how. Substance abuse is something Craig has been very open about, perhaps part of why Craig Lucas' journey has led him to this point where he now opens up about a new found appreciation for himself as he celebrated 10 months of sobriety the day before our conversation. A conversation which left us not only fans of Craig, the artist, but Craig the person.

It's a new day for Craig Lucas, and oh how beautiful is its dawning.


One of the most common denominators of the last year's biggest hits is Sino Msolo.

The golden voice, most can recognise it when they hear it. Golden voices come around every so often and are revered and celebrated as they should be. As for the platinum voice, this is less spoken of and it's perhaps because the occurrence of such is far less frequent.

Wamuhle (Platinum); Jola (2x Platinum); Umlando (2x Platinum) & Tanzania (4x Platinum). The the golden thread, or should we say platinum thread in all of these songs is Sino Msolo. When we speak of Sino Msolo, we speak of a platinum voice; a platinum award winning voice.

As is the case with the case with the actual commodity, this platinum voice had to be dug up. There was at least a 3 stage excavation process in the beneficiation from raw talent to valued the valued products we now know as our favourite jams. From Eastern Cape, to Free State, to Jo'burg, the nation and continent and now the world (Wakanda Forever). Sino Msolo followed his heart every step of the way, taking a chance on himself and at certain points so did others such as Sun-EL Musician and the team he has now built around himself.

Even for Sino's own quiet confidence, the blow up is beyond what he imagined or dreamed of. "I asked for less,.." he says...; well as much as this might be more than Sino has asked for, it leaves the world wanting more, and Sino's got plans.


At this point it needs to be said, if you're still sleeping on KVSE, you may need to check your vitals.

KVSE continues to prove himself single after single, EP after EP and as he has done again just recently, album after album. The thing about clichés is that as cliché as they are, they ring true. For KVSE that cliché is - "we're sitting on a gold mine". We as STAR could make the desperate appeal to you to please wake up to KVSE, but the reality is that you waking up to KVSE doesn't really matter, because the awakening is inevitable, even if you might not be a part of it....initially.

This may read like a reprimand, the tone might even be "giving offensive", but we prefer to see it as a positive warning. Nothing bad is going to happen if you don't wake up to KVSE at this very moment, you'll just miss out on witnessing the rise of a STAR from the ground up. At some point we will all notice KVSE up where he belongs and is headed - amongst the constellation of the brightest stars in the world of music. However, that rise, oh how beautiful it is.

We at STAR were privileged to have KVSE visit STAR House in celebration of both his birthday and the drop of his fourth album in two years - COLORS. We can now confirm that on both occasions KVSE checked all the boxes: talent (check); vision (check); motivation (check); work ethic (check); team (check).

Having confirmed that all undertakings up until this point have been a dress rehearsal, KVSE has explicitly stated that 2023 will be the real take over year. So, one way or another, next year you will be introduced to KVSE.
Or you can have your introduction right now.


Well done to these guys!

A story that proves passion is one of the best places to start from, in this case a passion for storytelling, Jurvaiś and Kgosana eventually succumbed to their passion; albeit an uncharted one for them at the time, they finally decided to just pick up that camera and see what happens. It turns out, a lot happens. Well; alot happens with passion, a student mentality, professionalism and some good fortune.

Jurvaiś and Kgosana stepped up to the plate and swung wildly and it just so happens they hit a homerun, and another one, and another one and so the story goes. With a resumé that includes:
BET AWARDS TV SPECIALS which are filmed yearly in Los Angeles (2016 – present) at the BET Awards Experience and the popular reimagined Channel O - My Top 5, they now have a short limited series already heading out on a world tour having been selected for the NEIFF 2022 and BUEIFF 2023.

These storytellers tell quite the story. A story worth giving a listen.



There isn't much to say here. If you're tapped in or have any idea what time it is, you know Yumbs is one of the custodians of his generation's sound.

We'll put it like this; the SAMA Award is to be commended. 11 plaques in 1 year?! That's a lot of plaques to process, and once you're done processing those, you may very well find you have an additional 11 to process at this rate. Our recommendation, don't try figure it out, just take it for what it is. Yumbs is an incredible talent, probably one that comes our way every couple of generations at this rate.

We've just made a big statement and that's a lot to say when it's still very early days. Our argument is yes, indeed it is very early days, so however much we've seen and heard from Yumbs is but an introduction to what he's got to offer. Having just given us his First Offering, we are assured by the what the title implies along with the quality of the offering that there's a lot more to come from Yumbs and we are not the only believers he's got.

If you know what time it is, you know it's Yumbs O'Clock - do best.


Please allow us to be ignorant for a moment. The STAR 919 Song of The Week comes this time 'round comes from the unlikeliest source. There is nothing about this song that says "Free State" or "Mpumalanga", nevermind "Afrikaner". Well, "Let Go", as fresh and wavy as it sounds, is brought to us courtesy of Xazz, a Free State born Afrikaner based in Mpumalanga.

Xazz has quietly been building major traction on DSPs just messing around with a few mates; turning high school freestyles into songs, and these songs became silent hits. Now, "what exactly is a silent hit?" you may ask. This is a song that's stacking up the streams without radio play, without mainstream publicity. With "Money In A Bag" having stacked up over half a million streams without any radio play and little to no local traction, we are glad we came across "Let Go" before it became yet another silent hit for Xazz. There will no longer be an air of silence around Xazz, we're about to sound the alarm over him - ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have another one! If you don't get it, when the world catches on, you'll understand.

The STAR 919 Song of The Week is all about getting a song onto your radar and naturally with that, the STAR who has given us the song. Xazz is someone you want on your radar because soon he will be on everybody's.


You ever be in someone's presence and feel like you're in the limelight?

Not sure what we should call that kinda presence but for the time being, we'll call it Zinah. Be in Zinah's company and you feel like you're on stage and the spotlight is one you. This might be because Zinah has spent her entire life in the limelight, deciding at age 7 that she wanted to pursue a career in singing. It's 20 years later and nothing has changed, Zinah remains steadfast in her decision. Not only that, but Zinah's claimed her place in the limelight not only on stage but on the runway and on our screens too; oh let's not forget on the radio microphone as well.

The above says a lot, but Zinah herself has a lot more to say. Every question put to ZInah was like pushing the "push to start" button, and once she gets going it's zero to a hundred real quick as she seamlessly shifts from one gear to the next firmly holding our attention. With a mind that seems to be processing one thousand three hundred and ninety seven ideas at once (normal for the multitlant), she is steadying and guiding her ship, keeping it on course to a destination many have heard of but few can confirm the existence thereof - the land of dreams and unlimited possibilities is one Zinah will soon be confirming is in existence. In the meantime, she inspires us to believe the same.


As the music business grows, so do the number roles it has to offer - Garth Brown's is one of those.

As Creative Lead of Warner Music Africa, Garth Brown facilitates and oversees A&R and Marketing processes and campaigns for Warner Music Africa. Though he had many options, he really had no choice. When learning about Garth's journey, it's clear that his life was determined to see him give himself to music in whatever capacity Garth would allow. Garth has obliged the call which has led him from artist, to artist manager, to indie label exec, to now major label exec.

The journey from Deep Forest's "Inhliziyo Yam;" to Creative Lead at Warner Music Africa is explained in full by Garth along with some gems picked up along the way. It seems like he was born to do this. His calm and humble demeanor seems to have been a trademark of his career growth meaning Garth never really forced anything en route to where he finds himself today. He was just at the right place at the right time always catching the right eye only to confirm the belief the powers that be placed in him and affirm the chances they took on him.

Soon to leave for Europe amongst a globally select few to undergo further development in preparation for what the future holds, Garth Brown made the time to stop by at STAR for what now seems like the delivery of a parting gift. At least a parting gift till next time, and next time, be assured...there will be much more to tell. Till then, he leaves us with more than enough to draw inspiration and tools from.


At long last, it finally happened.

Would you believe that prior to this conversation, we have had 3 prior conversations with Tyler Page on STAR 919? This one however is the first in person chat we got to have.

In all honesty, we cannot recall when last we so eagerly looked forward to a debut project from an artist. We so highly anticipated Tyler Page's debut project and we can now confirm after 'Game Over' dropped two weeks ago (16th September' 22)
- BELIEVE THE HYPE! THE HYPE IS TRUE! TYLER PAGE IS THE TRUTH! 'Game Over', Tyler Page's debut EP is a project you cannot ask more of. It is not too much, it is not too little, it's just perfect. A perfect introduction, a perfect opening statement to announce one's self as you launch a catalogue.

As you can probably tell by reading this, 'Game Over' is all we wanted to talk about and indeed we talked all about it and more. These are exciting times for Tyler Page and you better believe for South African music too. There's something about Tyler Page and the whole set up around her that says whatever her aspirations might be, the realisation thereof is guaranteed.

Whether you're paying attention or not, Tyler Page will come to your attention, be it by your own volition or due to the incoming wave. The choice is yours. Just remember,...we told you so.


His Excellency paid us a visit.

"His Excellency, The President of Skhanda Republic" is what we will refer to K.O as henceforth.

We are talking 18 years in the game; 17 years if we only count years as a signed artist and 16 if we only count years since the first drop with Teargas. The first 10 of those years were spent enjoying the rise and rise of Teargas and every year since has been spent enjoying the rise and rise of K.O.

To make the transition from a successful group to an even more successful solo artist is a feat we take for granted when it concerns K.O. However, the fact that he managed to pull it off is not at all that surprising once we learn the insights he gives us into his vision and skillset. As much as he is about the music, so he is about the business. Put simply, K.O gets it. And by the looks of things, he will continue to get it until he decides to no longer get it.

The vision, the strategy, the 3rd State of The Nation Address (SKhanda Republic 3) and more - K.O answers every question we ask and the questions we should be asking.

He's got the answers.

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