AJ Calitz wins the Redbull Lionheart & Richtersveld entries about to open

This week on Trail Talk SA we chat to the winner of one of South Africa’s unique trail running events and we catch up with a race organiser that is well known for putting on spectacular events. On Episode 15 we:Caught up with AJ Calitz following his win at the 2013 Redbull Lionheart this past weekend. AJ tells us what the competition was like this weekend in Cape Town as well as why he was disappointed in his Otter African Trail run performance in 2013. We also touched base on what is next for AJ. Brad asked AJ if he could give three tips that could help inexperienced trail runners get better and AJ shared a few absolute gems, in particularly about climbing.Spoke to Owen Middleton about the Richtersveld Wild Run, which is due to be run for the first time in June 2014. Owen told us about the four stages and what you can expect as well as their philosophy as a race organiser. Owen and Brad also spoke about the Lesotho Wildrun and what you can expect if you are planning on running that. To find out more about those two events or to enter them click here.If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes here or on RSS feed by clicking here.You can also be in touch via email or following us on Twitter or Like Trail Talk SA on Facebook.Nick Muzik/Red Bull Content Pool