#34 - Why That Situation Isn't Changing | Here's How To Finally See It Happen

We all have it. That one situation or one area of our life that just isn't changing. You've prayed about it, meditated, read every single self help book and devoured every video out there on the topic. But nothing seems to give you the change or transformation you're really looking to see realize in your experience. Well, there's a reason for it and its a common mistake we all make when we're faced with situations or areas of our lives that aren't exactly working out like we want them too. In this episode you'll learn why things aren't changing and what you can do to begin to put momentum behind things moving in the direction you want them to go and to transform those situations and areas of your life.
PS: I love that this episode is dropping on Twosday 22/02/2022 :-)

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22 Feb 2022 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Business

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