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On the Breakthrough Podcast with Coach each episode is jam packed with the most powerful and actionable tips, tools, strategies, guidance and advice that has worked for me personally and for hundreds of my clients.

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#33 - How To Transform A Negative Emotion | Feel Good INSTANTLY!

We all have our ups and downs.
Some days we feel on top of the world and other days it feels like the world is on our shoulders.
Negative Emotions are golden nuggets when you know how to use them to promote your own personal growth, healing, evolution and transformation.
In this video I share my 3 Steps to transforming a negative emotion and feel good or at the very least much better INSTANTLY!

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#32 - The Real Problem In Every Situation | This Changed My Life

Lets be honest, its easier to look at the details of the story, at what happened or what he or she said or did that caused us to feel bad.

But the details of the story aren't really the problem.

In this episode I share what the real problem is in every situation. This changed my life and its the key to not just feeling great no matter what's going on around us, but for us to experience massive growth and transformation through those situations.

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#31 - How To Lead With Empathy | Empathic Leadership With Mimi Nicklin

Empathy is something we all posses.
But in a world where most of us are taught that feelings and emotions are a bad thing, empathy is often suppressed and viewed as a weakness.

The truth is that empathy is really a strength, not just in our day to day lives but also in the workplace.

On this week's episode I chat to Global Empathetic Leader, Author and Coach Mimi Nicklin about what Empathetic Leadership is and why it is a key element and a catalyst to growth, success, innovation and overall organizational culture and wellness within an organization.

Mimi also shares practical ways to transition into an Empathetic Leadership model right now, especially at a time where change, uncertainty, fear and anxiety is rife amid the Covid 19 pandemic and most countries being on lockdown and many teams working remotely.



#30 - We Can Choose To Conform Or Transform | With Christopher Geel from Exploring Possibility

Once the Personal Growth bug bites you there's really no turning back.

Especially when you begin to see the results of it showing up in your life.

But how can we apply Personal Growth to our daily lives, especially now in a time where most of the world is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

This week's episode of Breakthrough is a little different than usual but it is JAM PACKED with transformational tips and tools that you can use to really begin to create the life you love, no matter what things look like right now.

In this episode myself and Christopher Geel, the host of a podcast called Exploring Possibility chat about Personal Growth and Transformation.

We share our own personal transformational growth journeys and dive deeper into what the journey holds for each of us individually and as a collective.

Christopher's life mission is to help individuals become the best and highest version of themselves and expand their experience. He believes in people and their potential, even when they don't. His mission: Expand Human Potential.

He is currently the franchisee of two locations for Adventure Boot Camp and plays a massive role in changing women's lives through fitness boot camps.

Christopher is also the podcast host for a show called Exploring Possibility which engages with influential, inspiring, impactful and thought-provoking individuals. The show is based on personal growth, mindset and impact.

Christopher is obsessed to inspire, empower and guide his community of people towards transformation. He helps individuals expand their growth by equipping them with the tools, connections and insights to tap into their potential.



#29 - The Voice Inside Your Head | Why we have it and how to use it

We all have it....That incessant chatter inside our heads.

But have you ever paid attention to what its saying or questioned why its even there in the first place?

I mean what purpose does it serve? Does it even have a purpose? Is that me talking in there or who is it? YIP, that's exactly the kind of chatter that little voice up there is having and its having it ALL THE TIME!

In this episode of Breakthrough, myself and the G-Club crew dive deeper into understanding "The Voice Inside Our Heads" and how we can use it to serve us on our personal and spiritual growth journey towards awakening, healing & growth.

This episode is especially helpful right now during the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic and most of us being in lockdown which can cause that little voice to speak even louder and more neurotically than usual, right?

G-CLUB HOSTS: Mickey Roothman, Natalie Meager, Elda Lopes, Mariette Vorster


To get in touch via email:

#28 - You Can Still Create Your Own Life Even In Lockdown | Law of Attraction

Do you believe you are creating your own life? Or do you believe that things are just randomly happening?

The LAW OF ATTRACTION can be quite a controversial subject, especially when it comes to whether we also attract the "bad" stuff into our lives.

On this week's episode of Breakthrough, myself and the ladies from G-Club chat dive deeper into how we co-create and attract things into our lives whether consciously or unconsciously.

We also chat about The Law Of Atraction in relation to things like Covid 19 and how we can apply this principle at this time where most of us are in lockdown.

G-CLUB HOSTS: Mickey Roothman, Natalie Meager, Elda Lopes, Mariette Vorster


#27 - 5 Crucial Self-Care Practices For Inner Peace & Wellness In Turbulent Times

When we're having experiences that leave us feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, worried and uncertain, our own self-care usually falls by the way side and is neglected.

Self-care however is crucial not just to our overall wellness, but to give us the clarity, direction and alignment that we need to navigate our way through it.

If inner peace is what you are longing for in these turbulent and uncertain times with the Covid 19 pandemic turning our lives upside down globally, then this episode is a must listen for you.

In this episode I swap roles a bit :-) This time around I am the one being interviewed by none other than Jarette Petzer, the CEO & Founder of #ImStaying on their all new media platform #ImStaying Media.

We get practical about how we can ensure our mental wellness remains in tact at this time.

#ImStaying is a Facebook Group and movement of just over 1 million South Africans who share positive stories about South Africa, encourage, uplift and support one another and are actively striving to make a tangible difference in SA.

I share the 5 Crucial Daily Levels on which we need to check in with ourselves and at least 1 other person per day if we want to ensure we maintain our inner peace and overall wellness during this pandemic outbreak that has left many fearful and uncertain.

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#26 - Lockdown Love | Managing Relationships & Dating During Covid 19 Lockdown

Building & maintaining good relationships can be hard even at the best of times, not to mention while in a National Lockdown due to a pandemic breaking out.

On this week's episode of Breakthrough I share an episode from a brand new initiative I launched with 3 other phenomenal ladies called G-Club,

In this episode of G-Club we discuss how to manage dating, marriage and all things relationship related during the Covid 19 lockdown..

#25 - How To Stop Smoking & Get Free From Addiction | With John Dicey CEO Of The Allen Carr Easyway Organization

I promised you some helpful content during the covid-19 lockdown period and this episode will definitely help those struggling with addiction.

For over 30 years with operations and activities in more than 50 countries worldwide, Allen Carr’s Easyway organisation has been helping to set people free from addictions and issues ranging from smoking, alcohol, weight, drugs, sugar, caffeine, debt, gambling and even fear of flying. Including a host of stars like Ellen Degeneres, Pink, Richard Branson & Ashton Kutcher to name a few.

Allen Carr worked extensively on applying his method to other issues and addictions, drafting a huge quantity of texts. He worked closely with Robin Hayley and John Dicey (respectively Chairman and MD of Allen Carr’s Easyway) entrusting them with the method in the knowledge that they were more than capable of editing his work and updating it as required.

My guest on today’s episode is John Dicey, the Global CEO & Senior Therapist for Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking method.
After quitting smoking, having smoked 80 cigarettes a day, John was inspired to help others to do the same. He was trained by the late Allen Carr in 1998 and went on to treat more than 30,000 smokers face to face.
John & Allen worked on a series of books together which have sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

If you're ready to stop smoking or kick just about any addiction, then this episode is a must listen for you!

Want me to cover a specific that is an obstacle or a challenge for you right now on this podcast? EMAIL:


#24 - Instant Stress Relief | 5 Minute Guided Relaxation Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is a daily practice I don't neglect. Especially in these trying times of uncertainty & change during the Covid 19 Lockdown.

There's really 2 Mickey's, the one who meditated can handle anything life throws at me during the day with grace and ease, but to the Mickey who didn't meditate that day, a cup falling on my toe can ruin my whole day or even my life if the inner drama queen we all have in our mind gets hold of it.

Meditation isn't something new age or woo-woo. And it doesn't have to be done for hours on end in a strange yoga pose or be a transcending life experience every time.

Yes, there are those meditations too and they're amazing, but meditation is really just a great tool to slow down, get still, turn inward, get present, become self aware, clear your mind, connect back to your inner guidance and higher self & most importantly to de-stress body and mind and release negative emotions from your body.

This is a simple and easy 5 minute guided meditation for beginners which will leave you feeling instantly relaxed, supported and relieved. Its an excerpt from one of the modules in my signature digital Life Transformation Program, The Ultimate Life Transformation Program.

Whether you're seasoned at meditation or it is completely new to you, give it a try. Its an easy tool to use daily or even a couple of times a day to release anxiety, stress & fear and a whole lot of other positive shifts within yourself and your environment as well.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




#23 - Financial Best Practices During Unplanned & Sudden Events | With Ronel Jooste

Most of us know we need to save some money for a rainy day or an emergency, but how prepared are most of us really for a sudden, unplanned, global economic disruption like the Covid-19 Outbreak?

On this week's episode myself and Ronel Jooste get real about the impact that the virus outbreak and the enforced lock down has had on every household and business's financial wellness and health at this time.

Ronel Jooste is a Chartered Accountant, Financial Advisor, Author, Speaker and multi award winning entrepreneur and financial expert.

As a financial consultant she has worked with multiple businesses ranging from medium size enterprises to large listed corporate companies and is currently consulting for Old Mutual Limited Group in Cape Town.

Her first book about personal finances, Financially Fit and Wealthy, has been awarded with an AfriCAN Authors 2019 Award in the financial literacy category.

In this episode Ronel shares valuable financial lessons we can learn from the current situation as well as the practical financial do's and don'ts we need to consider right now to avoid being in financial ruin or distress once this is all behind us.

We also chat a little about the impact on businesses at this time and what to consider if you are a business owner or starting a business at this time.


To connect with me via email:

#22 - The Healing Power Of Community, Love & Kindness In Times Of Adversity | With Jarette Petzer

We are facing a common enemy around the world right now called Covid 19 or Corona and at in times like this it can be so easy get negative, fearful, anxious and feel isolated and alone. But there is power in community, especially when we choose to surround ourselves with a community of souls who focus on positivity, kindness, hope and loving on one another.

My guest on this episode is Jarette Petzer, the Founder and CEO of a group of over 1 million South Africans from around the world who are committed to focusing on the positive, uplifting one another, being kind to one another, loving one another and sharing stories of hope and human kindness every single day.

We chat about the power of collective positive thinking, mindfulness, love and kindness as a powerful generator of hope especially in trying and uncertain times and what we can learn from and how what we are experiencing as a collective right now around the globe can serve us as humanity at large.

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