Hi there, I'm Mickey Roothman, a Transformational Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Author, Strategist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and your host right here on Breakthrough.

When life or business isn't going the way we want it to, all we truly want is a breakthrough.

On the Breakthrough Podcast with Coach each episode is jam packed with the most powerful and actionable tips, tools, strategies, guidance and advice that has worked for me personally and for hundreds of my clients.

I want to help YOU to take massive leaps forward towards creating the life and business of your dreams, with absolute ease!

If you're ready to get unstuck, move forward and finally get your BREAKTHROUGH then this is the place to be.

The Breakthrough Podcast is the next best thing to having Coach Mickey Roothman and many other amazing mentors, coaches and thought leaders as your own personal coaches and mentors on your personal growth and development journey.


Welcome & Enjoy!

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#40 - How To Finally Smash Your Goals In 2023 | My Personal Step By Step Process

Its that time of year again where we start setting goals and making new years resolutions for the new year.

But so often we end up never reaching those goals and our resolutions fall by the way side a few months into the year, which really just makes most of us feel bad about ourselves or negative.

What if there was a fail-proof way to not just set your goals, but actually REACH them every time?

Well the good news is there is!

In this episode of the Breakthrough Podcast, I share my own personal process for setting and reaching my goals every single time. This step-by-step process has worked for me and hundreds of my clients and if you implement them, I would be willing to guarantee that they will work for you too.

I trust you'll find value in this episode and I wish you a successful and prosperous 2023.

For more information please visit

#39 - You've Read The Personal Development Books & Done The Courses, Now What?

Having worked as a Personal, Professional And Spiritual Development Coach for over a decade, I've seen so many people make amazing progress and transform their lives, only to go off course again the moment some turbulence hits their lives.

In my own life and on my own journey its happened to me more than once as well.

Why is it that we struggle to maintain our new truth, state of being and our faith, even when we have the tools and we know better when difficulties cross our path?

This week's episode is a snippet from my Signature Life Transformation Course (The Ultimate Life Transformation Program), where I give a few important reasons why we tend to "snap back" to our old patterns and old self at times, and struggle to remain in our new state of unwavering faith.

For more information on my Signature Life Transformation Program you can visit

I trust you're going to enjoy this episode and that these golden nuggets will help you to build unwavering faith and stay on the path even when difficult experiences come your way.

#38 - Money Mindset Matters

Money and success are tow areas that many of us struggle to transform.

The beliefs we've been handed about money and success from a very young age by our caregivers, society and the world we live in are deeply rooted in our subconscious minds.

But as with any area we wish to transform, the first step to transformation is becoming aware of exactly what our beliefs are about these areas of our lives.

This week we chat about some of the beliefs we have about Money and Success that are limiting us from growth in these areas and are holding us back from positively transforming them..

I hope you enjoy this episode and that it gives you some food for thought.

For more information and to get in touch visit

#37 - To Go Digital Or Not Go Digital | Interview With Dylan Kohlstadt

The 4th industrial revolution was accelerated when lockdowns hit around the world in 2020, forcing individuals, brands and businesses to go digital!

But, is going digital really for everyone?

In this episode of the Breakthrough Podcast, I chat to Digital Marketing Expert Dylan Kohlstadt, Founder and CEO of ShiftOne Digital and Digital Marketing Academy.

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For more information on Dylan Kohlstadt visit

#36 - How To Navigate And Embrace Change | Identity | Real Talk With Mickey And Elizma

Change is something that most of us aren't comfortable with. It can leave us feeling uncertain and insecure and creates fear in us.

Change isn't something our minds and bodies are comfortable with, but when we learn how to navigate, manage and embrace change it can turn into something really exciting that holds tremendous growth and evolution for us and for our lives.

In this episode, myself and Elizma Morgenrood talk openly about our own fears and difficulties when big changes take place in our own lives, and we share how we navigate and embrace these changes.

To get in touch with Mickey Roothman:

To get in touch with Elizma Morgenrood:

#35 - Love Others AS You Love Yourself Not Instead Of Yourself | Self-Care

Are you feeling depleted, tired, stressed and burnt out, while everyone else around you is thriving thanks to you? Are some areas of your life falling apart while another area of your life is thriving? Then this episode is for YOU! In this episode you'll get some insight into why this is happening and how to bring things back into balance, especially if you are someone who is in a mentorship or leadership role, like parents, teachers, coaches, managers and CEO's.

Much Love And Blessings, Coach Mickey Roothman


#34 - Why That Situation Isn't Changing | Here's How To Finally See It Happen

We all have it. That one situation or one area of our life that just isn't changing. You've prayed about it, meditated, read every single self help book and devoured every video out there on the topic. But nothing seems to give you the change or transformation you're really looking to see realize in your experience. Well, there's a reason for it and its a common mistake we all make when we're faced with situations or areas of our lives that aren't exactly working out like we want them too. In this episode you'll learn why things aren't changing and what you can do to begin to put momentum behind things moving in the direction you want them to go and to transform those situations and areas of your life.
PS: I love that this episode is dropping on Twosday 22/02/2022 :-)

Head on over to or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

#33 - How To Transform A Negative Emotion | Feel Good INSTANTLY!

We all have our ups and downs.
Some days we feel on top of the world and other days it feels like the world is on our shoulders.
Negative Emotions are golden nuggets when you know how to use them to promote your own personal growth, healing, evolution and transformation.
In this video I share my 3 Steps to transforming a negative emotion and feel good or at the very least much better INSTANTLY!

For more practical tips and content to facilitate your personal growth, mindset and transformation please remember to subscribe for notifications of new episodes as they are uploaded and please rate and review this podcast channel..

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#32 - The Real Problem In Every Situation | This Changed My Life

Lets be honest, its easier to look at the details of the story, at what happened or what he or she said or did that caused us to feel bad.

But the details of the story aren't really the problem.

In this episode I share what the real problem is in every situation. This changed my life and its the key to not just feeling great no matter what's going on around us, but for us to experience massive growth and transformation through those situations.

Please remember to subscribe to get notified of new episodes and please rate or write a review for this podcast channel. I love connecting with and hearing from all of you and its a way to help me to reach many more people to help them get their breakthrough and live their best lives too.


#31 - How To Lead With Empathy | Empathic Leadership With Mimi Nicklin

Empathy is something we all posses.
But in a world where most of us are taught that feelings and emotions are a bad thing, empathy is often suppressed and viewed as a weakness.

The truth is that empathy is really a strength, not just in our day to day lives but also in the workplace.

On this week's episode I chat to Global Empathetic Leader, Author and Coach Mimi Nicklin about what Empathetic Leadership is and why it is a key element and a catalyst to growth, success, innovation and overall organizational culture and wellness within an organization.

Mimi also shares practical ways to transition into an Empathetic Leadership model right now, especially at a time where change, uncertainty, fear and anxiety is rife amid the Covid 19 pandemic and most countries being on lockdown and many teams working remotely.



#30 - We Can Choose To Conform Or Transform | With Christopher Geel from Exploring Possibility

Once the Personal Growth bug bites you there's really no turning back.

Especially when you begin to see the results of it showing up in your life.

But how can we apply Personal Growth to our daily lives, especially now in a time where most of the world is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

This week's episode of Breakthrough is a little different than usual but it is JAM PACKED with transformational tips and tools that you can use to really begin to create the life you love, no matter what things look like right now.

In this episode myself and Christopher Geel, the host of a podcast called Exploring Possibility chat about Personal Growth and Transformation.

We share our own personal transformational growth journeys and dive deeper into what the journey holds for each of us individually and as a collective.

Christopher's life mission is to help individuals become the best and highest version of themselves and expand their experience. He believes in people and their potential, even when they don't. His mission: Expand Human Potential.

He is currently the franchisee of two locations for Adventure Boot Camp and plays a massive role in changing women's lives through fitness boot camps.

Christopher is also the podcast host for a show called Exploring Possibility which engages with influential, inspiring, impactful and thought-provoking individuals. The show is based on personal growth, mindset and impact.

Christopher is obsessed to inspire, empower and guide his community of people towards transformation. He helps individuals expand their growth by equipping them with the tools, connections and insights to tap into their potential.



#29 - The Voice Inside Your Head | Why we have it and how to use it

We all have it....That incessant chatter inside our heads.

But have you ever paid attention to what its saying or questioned why its even there in the first place?

I mean what purpose does it serve? Does it even have a purpose? Is that me talking in there or who is it? YIP, that's exactly the kind of chatter that little voice up there is having and its having it ALL THE TIME!

In this episode of Breakthrough, myself and the G-Club crew dive deeper into understanding "The Voice Inside Our Heads" and how we can use it to serve us on our personal and spiritual growth journey towards awakening, healing & growth.

This episode is especially helpful right now during the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic and most of us being in lockdown which can cause that little voice to speak even louder and more neurotically than usual, right?

G-CLUB HOSTS: Mickey Roothman, Natalie Meager, Elda Lopes, Mariette Vorster


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