Counterfeit goods worth 5 million destroyed by NAMRA

We spoke to Tonateni Shidhudhu from NAMRA who explained the counterfeit goods that were destroyed by NAMRA and customs worth 5 million ,here is the interview, in case you have missed it
19 May 2022 5AM Other Namibia News · Entertainment News

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Shower Time During Winter

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NAMRA Spokersperson-Tonateni Shidhudhu

The Namibian Revenue Agency has confirmed that it charges import tax on indigenous berries(eembe) that enters Namibia from Angola. Namra spokesperson Tonateni Shidhudhu confirms.
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Dr Job Amupanda

Affirmative Repositioning Movement leader Dr Job Amupanda Dr. Job Shipululo Amupanda plans to run for the presidency in the next year's presidential elections and take over the highest office. Here is the link, if you have missed the interview.
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A chat with Lineekela Shipindo-2

He served at NBC radio for a decade and later moved to MVA Fund. After 15 years at the Fund Mr. Lineekela Shipindo has retired from official duty. Okashona Ha Tunapo spoke to him and got to know a little bit about him. Shipindo shares his story…
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