How do I strengthen my ankles for trail running?

This is Ask Coach Parry and today we have a question from Uzwile Mthimkulu. He says he always gets injured in his ankles, especially when he trains on the hills and in the mountains and during trail running events.

He wants to know if there is any advice for that? He also wants to know if you have any advice on preferred nutrition when running long?

Lindsey Parry: In terms of helping to protect those ankles from turning, you need to work on your proprioception. If you train in a gym, most gyms have got either stability pads or little hedgehogs or bosu balls.

Take your shoes off and get onto those stability pads and you stand for 30 – 60 seconds on each leg balancing. You will feel that you feel very unstable in the beginning, but the more you do it the more stable those ankles will become.