Namibia Mourns the Passing of Hage Geingob: Reflecting on his Legacy we spoke to Dr Ben Mulongeni

Rise and Shine with the Go getter team on Okashona Ha Tunapo. There is never a dull moment with the youngest and vibrant entertainers in the Oshiwambo media industry. The gorgeous and vivacious Princess Anna Penavali and animated and comedic Dj Munene the big man on the Omulunga morning show from 06H00-10H00
7 Feb 7AM Other Namibia News · Entertainment News

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Make my day

monale ngele owagandjapo etegelelo nenge okanona komulumentu ihe kakeshike , ndele takazalekwa onyoka yaandja yomulumentu ngoka otakaningi okalayi, Osho ngaa shili nomonena ndishi nenge mongashingeyi , uupeko washendje ?
19 Apr 7AM 6 min

Child Safety and Protective Behaviors

children need to know that it's always okay to say "NO!" if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a situation. This empowers them to assert their boundaries and seek help when needed. Teaching children about consent and the power of their voice is crucial for their safety and well-being
18 Apr 4AM 16 min

Interview with Proffesor Mbenzi

Omuprofesa Mbezi okwati ngele omunkiintu okwafala etegelelo monale ohalala mondunda yangoka emupa etegelelo , ndele otayimo tiyakelemo kongulohi.
11 Apr 10AM 19 min

10 towers for access to network- MICT

The Information Ministry of Information and Communication Technology - will build 10 towers in three years to ensure that neglected areas have access to network coverage. Deputy Minster Modestus Amutse confirms.
9 Apr 4AM 24 min