How Geoffrey went from a 3:15 marathon to a 2:53 in less than 18 months

On this edition of RUN with Coach Parry we catch up with Geoffrey Abrams as we put a plan in place to help him run a Silver medal at Comrades.

In this podcast you'll discover:

✅ How Geoffrey went from a 3:15 to a 2:53 marathon in less than 18 months

✅ What lessons Geoffrey took out of Comrades 2019 where he missed a silver medal.

✅ How to improve your running form and approach when running up and downhill

✅ How to even out any of your body's running biomechanics imbalances

✅ What do spikes in your heart rate mean, is it interference or should it be something to be worried about.

✅ The 2 secrets to Geoffrey's running improvements as he's gotten older

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