We help Alicia put a plan in place to run a sub 10 hour Comrades Marathon

In this edition of RUN with Coach Parry we catch up with another member of the Coach Parry Online Training Club, Alicia Ehlers.

In this one on one coaching call you'll discover:

✅ How Alicia bounced back and started running after breaking her back in a major motorcycle accident.

✅ If you're training consistently should your time trial times be getting faster

✅ When to do your time trails and strength training in your training week

✅ When to slot in a training marathon for Comrades and what pace you should run them at

✅ A pacing strategy for a sub 10 hour Comrades

✅ What pace should you do your ultra training marathons at

✅ How to use Two Oceans as a Comrades tester

✅ Plus we touch on some pre-race nutrition advice

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