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Zille Unleashed

The Burning Platform is joined by Helen Zille this week. She undergoes some grilling by Kanthan Pillay about the DA’s primary focus on South Africa’s political stage. Helen talks about her upcoming vote for Federal Council Chair, and the party’s vision going forward.
23 Mar 55 min

We Will Not Shut Up

Herman Mashaba joins the Burning Platform to discuss his points of view on the upcoming EFF ‘National Shutdown’ on Monday, and to respond to Julius Malema’s comments after being slammed at the EFF press conference yesterday. Ian Cameron shares his opinions on several topics, including how South Africa is becoming…
16 Mar 55 min

Business of Politicking

Kanthan Pillay is itching to talk about the cabinet reshuffle. Ivo Vegter joins to throw in his 2 cents on the matter - slamming Cyril Ramaphosa as ‘Our feckless president and his bloated, self-serving cabinet’ in his latest article. Phumi talks about the business of politicking in South Africa, and…
9 Mar 1 hour

SARS: Friend or Foe?

The acting Tax Ombudsman, Prof Thabo Legwaila, takes us through his duties and answers some burning questions on behalf of taxpayers, including rights and obligations, as well as what to expect during tax season. Mighti Jamie then joins the conversation to talk about the cabinet reshuffle.
2 Mar 58 min

Energy First

Is ESG an ideological scam? Jonathan Witt and Kanthan Pillay discuss the pros and cons of energy development in South Africa. Kanthan wants to dissect the budget speech, which revealed how much money South Africa loses each day due to interest on debt. Phumi is curious about what the team…
23 Feb 55 min

Better Choices

Dr Greg Mills, who heads the Johannesburg-based Brenthurst Foundation, joins the show this week. Gareth and Phumi open up the conversation about coalitions in South Africa, Greg’s latest book - ‘Better Choices: Ensuring South Africa’s Future’, as well as touching on the Russia / Ukraine / South Africa debacle.
16 Feb 1 hour

State of the Nations

Kanthan Pillay and Joel Pollak join Gareth and Phumi to tackle the many subjects regarding the US SONA, as well as the upcoming South Africa SONA with Cyril Ramaphosa tonight. Did Joe Biden’s speech have any merit this time, and what is the DA doing wrong for the upcoming elections…
9 Feb 54 min

South Africa: Do or Die

Solly Moeng joins the show to discuss some of the major roadblocks in South Africa right now… the new mayor of Joburg representing Palestine in a viral press interview, the EFF endorsing land grabbing in SA with no real judicial system in place, and how the DA has proven itself…
2 Feb 59 min

A Visit from US Treasury

Gareth and Phumi are joined by Phumlani Majozi as this week’s guest to talk about the recent political happenings in South Africa, including the march to Luthuli House with the DA, as well as Cyril catching a visit from US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. Has he taken it too far…
26 Jan 53 min

The Eskom Chronicles

Eskom’s energy crisis is something we cannot escape as South Africans. Vally Padayachee, ex Eskom and City Power Executive Management, joins to answer some burning questions. Is privatising Eskom the solution? Is wind and solar power the way forward for South Africa, and where has the money disappeared to?
19 Jan 1 hour

A Republican Divide

A request was made for Kanthan Pillay to comment on the latest coming out of the US regarding Kevin McCarthy. Leeto Nthoba discusses the downfall of the ANC, and sparks a debate about whether South Africa was better under the Zuma or Ramaphosa. And JJ Cornish shares some good news…
12 Jan 58 min

A Year of Politics

What do the youth of South Africa really care about in terms of politics? Phumi and Mash discuss what the outcomes from the ANC National Conference really mean. Plus, a look back at some of the best moments from The Burning Platform 2022.
22 Dec 2022 1 hr 09 min

Lights out for De Ruyter

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter’s resignation is the big topic of the day, along with the ANC’s downfall in numbers, and the diamond in the rough of 2022. Serbia has made headlines for not sanctioning Russia, which opens up a conversation about leadership of all the Arabic states.
15 Dec 2022 1 hr 01 min


According to Phumi, it’s going to get worse before it gets better! Magda Wierzycka is a Polish-South African businesswoman, and she joins the show to discuss the general state of South Africa, Eskom and possible electricity alternatives, water shortages, and what happens when the ANC is out?
8 Dec 2022 57 min

Our Poisoned Land with Jacques Pauw

Veteran journalist, filmmaker, and author Jacques Pauw joins Gareth, Phumi and Kanthan Pillay to unpack his latest book - Our Poisoned Land. They have a candid conversation about the deceit, corruption and incompetence that we have witnessed over the years from our government.
1 Dec 2022 53 min

The ANC Ecosystem

Head of Policy and Research at the Rivonia Circle, Lukhona Mnguni joins the show to talk about the work he is currently up to, and to shed light on some of the pressing issues that various communities face, comments on the ANC ‘ecosystem’, and thoughts on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s UK…
24 Nov 2022 55 min

Party Positions with The Patriotic Alliance

The team discuss Trump’s announcement of running for office again in 2024. The debate then heats up as Ashley Sauls I - the Patriotic Alliance’s Premier Candidate for Gauteng and Former MMC for Health, Social Development, and Transport - joins to talk about coalition party antics, the work done so…
17 Nov 2022 59 min

US Midterm Election Results

Researcher, analyst and commentator Mighti Jamie joins the show this week to unpack coalition governments, COP27, and South Africa being used as a pilot for green energy transition. The team also speaks to Brooks Spector - a former US diplomat - about the US midterm election results.
10 Nov 2022 1 hour

The Role of Mayor with Mpho Phalatse

Mayor Mpho Phalatse and Kanthan Pillay join Gareth and Phumi live in the studio to discuss the recent events surrounding the vote of no confidence. Mpho also answers question about coalitions, voter apathy, future plans for the city, and the role of a mayor.
3 Nov 2022 56 min

The Year of 3 Prime Ministers

This week the team is joined by SA journalist, author and news editor Ferial Haffajee, to unpack her new book - Days of Zondo. They look at the moments that took everyone by surprise, and more. Dr Alan Mendoza joins to talk about what is currently happening in UK politics,…
27 Oct 2022 54 min
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